Sensei 1.2.10

Sensei is an application for any Mac running macOS Catalina or later. Designed to help you optimize, monitor and clean your Mac in order to maximize its performance. Sensei offers several features related to Hardware and Software, such as a super-easy-to-use App Uninstaller, blazing fast Disk Cleaner, Health info for your battery and storage drives, and much more.

The Next Generation Mac performance tool
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Detailed Battery Reporter
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Thermal Dashboard
  • Theme Support
  • App Uninstaller
  • Detailed Hardware Information
  • Temperature Monitor
  • GPU Monitor
  • Performance Optimized
  • CPU Monitor
  • Bespoke Design
  • RAM Monitor
  • Detailed Display Reporter
  • HDD/SSD S.M.A.R.T Reporter
  • 100% Native Code
  • Fan Control
  • Detailed GPU/eGPU Reporter
  • SSD Trim Enabler
  • Accent Color Support
  • Disk Health Analyzer
  • Disk Benchmark
  • Battery Health Analyzer
  • Multiple Localizations
  • Disk Monitor
  • Dark Mode
  • Startup Speed Optimizer
  • Partition Map Explorer

What’s New

Version 1.2.10:

  • Added Japanese localization


macOS 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor


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2 Responses

  1. Amnesia says:

    Hi I keep getting this error:

    “Sensei” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

    I have disable gatekeeper, open the app using right click=>open samething

    • Maxoo says:

      Launch Terminal and then issue the following command:

      xattr -cr /path/to/

      For example:

      xattr -cr /Applications/

      The -c flag removes all attributes, whereas -r applies recursively for the entire targeted .app directory contents.

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