Scudo 1.0 beta 10

Scudo is a hybrid firewall for macOS that combines an inbound network-layer packet filter with an outbound application-layer firewall. Scudo helps protecting your Mac’s network services from unwanted connections from remote computers and improves your privacy and security controlling all apps network activities, allowing you to choose which app is allowed to connect to the network. Everything is controlled in a single window, its usage is really simple and safe. Scudo uses a new technology to identify processes and apps: signature fingerprint. Because of that you are always sure that only genuine apps are allowed to connect. Should an authorized app be modified, hacked or tampered with, Scudo will notify it an block it. Additionally, a real-time apps connections monitor allows you to check all network activities of your Mac. A detailed PDF manual is included in the package. Scudo is derived from Murus and Vallum, and is a simpler and friendlier alternative to them.

Key features:
  • Easy to install and use
  • Protect your shared documents and network services monitoring open ports
  • Protect your privacy blocking apps connections on the fly with live notification alerts
  • Identify processes and apps by their signature, verify signature and certificates validity and integrity
  • Protect your network from well-known dangerous hosts using on-line blacklists
  • Monitor real-time apps connections and bandwidth usage
  • Per-app bandwidth throttle: give each app its own dedicated bandwidth limits

Scudo is really simple. One click to install, it runs automatically at user login, it stays in a corner in the macOS menu bar, near the clock. It does not need any kind of configuration or maintenance as everything is automated. Scudo can be used as a completely silent firewall or can be setup to require user interaction when a new open port is found or when an app attempts to connect to the network. It’s usage is much simpler than Murus or Vallum, all features and controls are grouped in a single window where both inbound and outbound firewall rules are displayed. All changes are applied immediately. Scudo is able to securely identify processes and apps by their signature fingerprint instead of absolute path. Additionally, Scudo allows you to assign each app a maximum download and/or upload bandwidth. Scudo Package includes an uninstaller and a detailed PDF manual

What’s New

Version 1.0 beta 10:

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OS X 10.11.0 or later, 64-bit processor


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