Scrutiny 4.2 – All-in-one website optimization tool.

Scrutiny 4.2Scrutiny is an all-in-one website optimization tool.

v4 is the fastest and most efficient release to date.

Scrutiny uses Integrity’s tried and tested engine to crawl a site and report broken links. But with more powerful features such as authentication and so much more for the webmaster, such as generating an XML sitemap, html validation and essential SEO checks on page title, meta keywords, meta description and headings. It now also features a tool for analysing the load of a given page, counting a keyword or phrase within SEO parameters such as URL, title, meta tags, headings and even content, and an exportable full report.

What’s New

Version 4.2:

  • Changes the 'by link' view to an expandable view, occurrences can be seen by expanding view rather than as previously having to open the link inspector
  • Link inspector still appears on double-click from link views and is improved
  • Adds context menus to the 'by link' and 'by page' views and the 'appears on' table in the link inspector - a number of actions can be performed with a right-click (or control-click) including 'Copy URL' and where appropriate Visit, Highlight and Locate
  • The new Copy URL action is available with a command-C and will copy the URL of the selected item
  • A new Locate action lists how to click through from the starting url to find the link in question. It is available via context menus, the link inspector and cmd-shift-L
  • Adds 'link text' column to 'by page' view
  • Change to wording: 'on page' now 'appears on'
  • Changes default for highlighting a link on the page - now looks like highlighter pen rather than a box around it (changes prefs defaults to 'background' rather than 'border', and changes the default colour to yellow rather than dark grey - ie (existing users can select this option in prefs if they like))
  • Ignores and continues if 'bad SSL certificate' warning is encountered. But only for the website being tested. (anything else, ie external links, won't be followed anyway)
  • If image checking is switched on, now collects alt text and displays in 'link text' columns
  • Some options removed from Preferences>Views>By Link view (Status, URL, On Page) because these are needed for the new outline view to work properly
  • Exporting from 'by link' view better than previously. (was putting all 'on page' information in a single cell to reflect the view - led to problems due to Excel's 256-character limit)
  • Export added to by Page view
  • Exports from expandable views reflect the state of the view, ie which rows are expanded or not
  • If flagging blacklisted urls, then the highlight colour used is orange or the warning colour (was red or bad link colour). Not an error so inappropriate to use an error colour.


Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later


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