Scrutiny 4.2.2 – All-in-one website optimization tool.

Scrutiny 4.2.2Scrutiny is an all-in-one website optimization tool.

Version 4 is the fastest and most efficient release to date.

Scrutiny uses Integrity‘s tried and tested engine to crawl a site and report broken links. But with more powerful features such as authentication and so much more for the webmaster, such as generating an XML sitemap, HTML validation and essential SEO checks on page title, meta keywords, meta description and headings. It now also features a tool for analysing the load of a given page, counting a keyword or phrase within SEO parameters such as URL, title, meta tags, headings, and even content, and an exportable full report.

What’s New

Version 4.2.2:

  • Fixes problem with new link text column in the By page view not always displaying accurate data where same link occurs multiple times on same page
  • Tweaks how information is displayed in new expandable By link view
  • Fixes crash on launch for some existing users
  • Filter button now works in flat view


Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later


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