Scrivener 2.7 – Project management and word processing tool for writers.


Scrivener is a project management and writing tool for writers of all kinds that stays with you from that first unformed idea all the way through to the first – or even final – draft. Outline and structure your ideas; take notes; storyboard your masterpiece using a powerful virtual corkboard; view research while you write; track themes using keywords; dynamically combine multiple scenes into a single text. Scrivener has already been enthusiastically adopted by best-selling novelists and novices alike.

Outline… Edit… Storyboard… Write.

What’s New

Version 2.7:
El Capitan-Compatible

  • El Capitan-ready: minor updates and fixes for 10.11 compatibility.
Updated UI
  • Icons and UI updated for a more modern look consistent with El Capitan and Yosemite.
Updated File Format
  • File format updated for compatibility with future mobile versions. Upon opening existing projects, you will be prompted to update them. (Please note that you will not be able to open 2.7 projects in earlier versions of Scrivener, including Scrivener for Windows version 1.8.6 (current latest). If you work cross-platform, you will either need to wait until Scrivener 1.9 for Windows is released, or you may try the public beta in the meanwhile, which is compatible with 2.7 for Mac. We are looking to release version 1.9 very soon. Stay tuned.)
  • Updated the built-in MultiMarkdown components to version 4.
  • You can now insert .svg images files into MultiMarkdown by internally linking to an .svg image document.
  • The tutorial project has been updated, and now includes a new “Quick Start” collection.
  • Scrivener now uses Courier Prime as its default screenplay font. For existing screenplay projects, you can change back to your old font via the Script Settings panel (in the Format > Scriptwriting menu). This change makes no difference to Final Draft export, which always switches Courier fonts to become Courier Final Draft in the created FDX file.
  • Epub files now have the “of:file-as” and “opf:event” attributes added to the creator and date elements, so that they will pass Lulu B&N validation.


OS X 10.6 or later


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