Scrivener 2.4 – Project management and word processing tool for writers.

Scrivener 2.4

Scrivener is a project management and writing tool for writers of all kinds that stays with you from that first unformed idea all the way through to the first – or even final – draft. Outline and structure your ideas; take notes; storyboard your masterpiece using a powerful virtual corkboard; view research while you write; track themes using keywords; dynamically combine multiple scenes into a single text. Scrivener has already been enthusiastically adopted by best-selling novelists and novices alike. Outline… Edit… Storyboard… Write.

What’s New

Version 2.4:
Refinements and Changes Retina Display-Compatible.

  • Scrivener is now fully Retina Display-compatible. The interface and every graphic across the application has been updated to take full advantage of the extra resolution on Retina displays.
  • The "Manage Compile Format Presets" pane of Compile now has two panes: "Global Presets" and "Project Presets". The latter allows you to save different compile presets into the project without making them available globally.
  • Added an option to have tables converted to images during compile for e-books, as not all e-readers display tables very well.
  • Added an option to resample images in text during compile, so that the exported images are no larger than they appear in the editor.
  • The <$img...> tag (and certain other tags) can now be used in compile separators.
  • Made slight adjustments to order that <$img...> tags are replaced, so that they work in more complex scenarios during Compile.
  • If you have multiple images in a project that have the same name, you can now specify the exact image to use in a project when using the <$img...> tag by assigning a Scrivener Link.
  • Added new option to the "Layout" pane of Compile for .epub exports: "Include standard Adobe Digital Editions page template". If ticked, a page-template.xpgt file is included in the .epub file. In previous versions, this file (which makes the output look better in Digital Editions and on Sony devices) was included automatically; however, iTunes Producer now throws errors if this file is included, so it has been made optional and turned off by default.
  • The media type for the Adobe page template (XPGT) file that can optionally be included with .epub files is now given as "application/vnd.adobe-page-template+xml" instead of "application/adobe-page-template+xml", which caused Sigil to reject the file.
  • You can now add Scrivener Links to the <$hn> tag to refer to other sections (note that the other sections must be numbered with the <$hn>> tag themselves for this to work).
  • Scrivener now tries to avoid exporting the same image twice when generating HTML and e-book files.
  • You can now choose whether or not document titles and synopses get included as scene titles and summaries in FDX export (previously, titles and synopses were always included, which may not be desirable for users using these features only for the rough draft stages).
  • Added a new placeholder tag, <$toc>, which can be placed in a blank document to indicate where the automatically-generated table of contents should go when compiling e-books (the title of the document containing this tag must match the one set for the contents page in the "Layouts" pane of Compile).
  • Added new option to the Kindle compile "Layout" pane: "Book begins after front matter". If this is ticked, the exported Kindle file will be set to open at the first document following the front matter (which is how it has worked automatically until now). If it is unticked, the book will open either at the start, or at the section in which a new tag, is placed.
  • The "Contributors" field in e-book meta-data (in the Compile panel) now takes a semi-colon instead of a comma as its separator like the "Authors" field, so that commas can be inserted into author names.
  • When capitalising the first words of the text in each section via Compile, you can now choose to use small caps.
  • To adhere to Amazon's stricter publishing guidelines, when creating Kindle files, Scrivener no longer writes out the font size or alignment for body text for any body text that uses the standard font size or uses left alignment or justification.
  • Added "Remove trailing whitespace" option to Compile. This is useful for those who, like me, accidentally leave blank lines at the end of their text documents. This deletes any blank whitespace from the end of the document text and notes in the compiled document.
  • Custom meta-data can now be used in separators in Compile.
  • E-book export now uses ems instead of pixels for text indents.
  • Added extensive support for the Fountain screenplay syntax ( Fountain is supported for Import, Import and Split, Export, Compile and, perhaps most usefully for scriptwriters, External Folder Sync. This means that scriptwriters can now sync their screenplays with plain text iOS apps, use the easy-to-learn Fountain markup syntax when editing their files in any iOS plain text editor, and have everything synced back with Scrivener with all script elements recognised and even script notes and dual dialogue markup intact.
  • When switching between script formats, the conversion panel now pops down, making it easier to switch between formats.
Regular Expressions Support
  • Regular Expressions (RegEx) are now supported in project search, Project Replace, document Find and Replace, synopsis search and Compile replacements. (Lion and above only.)
Formatting Options
  • Added "Tabs and Indents..." to Format > Text menu, which brings down a panel giving precision control over tabs and indents. This can be used in Compile, too.
  • Added "Strip Leading Tabs" to the Format > Convert menu.
  • Convert Formatting to Default Text Style now also updates the font of inline footnotes if the preferences are set up to use a different font for footnotes.
  • Convert Quotes to Straight Quotes and Quotes to Smart Quotes now also converts inspector comments and footnotes within the affected text.
  • Formatting presets can now save and apply bullets. (Note, however, that since presets only save one paragraph style per preset, they can only be used to apply one type of bullet, so don't work so well for multi-level bullets or lists.)
Customise Author and Address Details
  • You can now tell Scrivener which Contacts/Address Book entry to use when adding your name and address to title pages by typing "(Scrivener:UseMe)" somewhere in the "note" area of the contact you wish Scrivener to use in Contacts/Address Book.
Scapple Support (Scapple is Literature & Latte’s upcoming freeform mind-mapping-type app.)
  • Added support for dragging Scapple notes into Scrivener's freeform corkboard mode.
  • You can now drag Scapple notes from a Scapple board into Scrivener's binder.
  • You can now drag from Scrivener's freeform corkboard into Scapple.QuickReference Panels
  • You can now split QuickReference panels vertically as well as horizontally, using the View > Layout > Split... commands.
Scratch Pad
  • The scratch pad can now read plain text files. It's default format can also now be set via the "General" pane of the preferences. There, you can choose whether new scratch pad files are saved as plain text, RTF or RTFD. This makes syncing scratch pad notes with plain text iOS apps possible.
Inspector Comment and Footnote Zoom
  • Inspector comments and footnotes now get scaled along with the text (although you can turn this behaviour off or set custom comment scales using the comments contextual menu).
Find and Replace
  • The Find and Project Replace panels now use larger text fields that show invisible characters, to make it easier to find and replace carriage returns, tab characters and suchlike. The contextual menu of these fields contains an "Insert" menu allowing you to insert common invisible characters, too.
Index Cards
  • You can now determine how images are scaled on index cards, and how they are placed, via a new contextual menu in the index card in the inspector.
  • You can now drag images from the text into the index card image area.
  • Updated Scrivener's internal MultiMarkdown package to 3.7.
  • Added a link to our video tutorials YouTube channel to the "Getting Started" pane of the templates chooser panel.
  • Changed the internal project loading code on 10.7 and above to use newer methods.
  • Added a description to the " wants to access your Contacts" message that OS X shows on Mountain Lion the first time Scrivener is launched.
  • Renamed "Save Search..." in the search menu to "Save Search As Collection..."
  • The Dock no longer bounces when importing files if Scrivener is inactive.
  • Added a hidden preference, "BinderSlideInWidth", which can be set via the Terminal to override the default width of the binder when sliding in in full screen mode.
  • Added support for Java 1.7 for the Aspose Word export and import formats.
  • Added extra error-checking routines to the scrivenings saving code.
  • Links in comments now draw correctly even when they don't have the focus (although comments still need the focus in order for links to be clickable).
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigating betweens snapshot changes now work for the inspector even when the focus is in the main editor.
  • In the regular version of Scrivener, "Deactivate" will now remove the Mac App Store receipt placed in Application Support by the App Store version if that is what is being used as the basis for Scrivener's registration. This is purely for the rare cases where for Mac App Store users want to transfer to using a serial number bought from us direct.
  • It is now possible to apply Scrivener links to images.
  • Made minor improvement to appearance of .scriv thumbnails in the Finder, so that they are more instantly recognisable.
  • Removed formatting presets button from format bar in preferences and text preferences panels, because this confused some users.
  • Creating new documents in the outliner that already have a synopsis (using document templates) now causes only the title to be selected ready for editing, not the synopsis as well.
  • When converting inline annotations or footnotes to inspector comments or footnotes, the paragraph formatting is now removed so that they don't have difficult formatting in the inspector.
  • The add comment/footnote buttons are now disabled if you are editing a comment or footnote in the inspector, since they do nothing in this instance.
  • The Enter key now ends editing in inspector comments and footnotes (the Return key still works as normal).
  • Search in Wikipedia, Google and Spotlight are now available in the name generator.
  • The text image resizing panel now shows actual pixels and DPI in a small text field at the bottom.
  • Escape now cancels the text image resizing panel.
  • Backup trimming no longer takes place if the project being automatically backed up seems to be inside the backups folder. This avoids the problem whereby you could end up accidentally overwriting the backup you were looking for by opening and closing backups if any changes got made to them. (Projects opened from the backups folder that automatically get backed up will use the suffix "_bak" instead of "bak", too, so that it's easier to see which these are.)
  • The button in the right of the outliner header bar (with the two chevrons) now brings up a popover with checkboxes for selecting which outliner columns should be visible instead of a menu (the menu is still available by Ctrl-clicking on the header bar, though).
  • If an index card in the corkboard, row in the outliner or comment in the inspector is already selected, you can now single-click on it to start editing it (as long as it is the only one selected).
  • The third click in the header bar of search results, references and snapshots tables now gets rid of sorting, as in the outliner.
  • The "Go To" menu in the main menu always shows the full binder now, even when in scrivenings mode (since both the editor header bar icon menu and the full screen control panel menu are limited to scrivenings documents anyway).
  • Composition mode navigation history now remembers scrivenings.
  • When the project Trash is emptied, references pointing to deleted documents are now automatically deleted.
  • Added Edit > Select Subgroups command. This selects all subgroups of the selected items in the binder or outliner.
  • Improved the "Look Up" methods so that they now find the word nearest the insertion point in more edge cases.
  • Number text fields in project statistics and targets are now selectable so that they can be copied.
  • Navigation history is now limited to 100 items, to prevent problems with the history building up over years.
  • Added a new hidden preference, "DisableDeviceUnmountMonitoring". Turning this on via the Terminal will prevent Scrivener from monitoring disk unmounting, which can otherwise prevent Parallels from starting up using a disk partition and Boot Camp.
  • Added a "Clear" button to external folder sync to make it easier to stop syncing with an external folder.
Bugs Fixed Major (Stability)
  • Fixed critical data-loss bug whereby edits made in scrivenings mode could fail to save in projects that had been open for longer than two days.
  • Fixed bug in the sandboxed version whereby projects could not be saved as templates.
  • Fixed bug whereby creating a new project and immediately applying a layout could cause a crash in full screen mode.
Minor (Usability)
  • Fixed bug whereby overriding the text format in Compile on Tiger would cause bold and italics to be lost.
  • Fixed bug in the save code that could end up reporting that the project location was wrong in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed bug in the sandboxed version whereby it would ask for permission to ask the crash logs folder even if it already had permission.
  • Fixed bug whereby FDX export could create FDX files in which the script elements were not differentiated if the project had been edited in the Windows version.
  • Fixed sandboxing bug which meant that internal links and a navigable table of contents never got added to PDF files exported from the Mac App Store version.
  • Fixed bug where PDF/print compile could fail in rare circumstances when "Remove empty line separators that fall across page breaks" was ticked.
  • Fixed bug whereby Sort Paragraphs and Sort Rows (for text tables) was not localised, so did not always sort correctly.
  • Fixed bug whereby tagged autonumbering would not work when several tags were placed together with no spaces between them.
  • Fixed bug whereby headers and footers could come out bold or italic in RTF, .doc, .docx and .odt export if the first words of the main text were bold or italic.
  • Fixed bug whereby if <$p> was used in front matter pages, negative page numbers would be printed for those first pages (now no pages numbers are output if the numbers are negative).
  • Fixed bug whereby <$pagecount> would count all pages, even if front matter was not set to have page numbering.
  • Fixed bug whereby converting script formatting could choke on general text.
  • Fixed bug where by the "Preserve existing files" tickbox for LaTeX export would cause another folder to be created inside the folder at the chosen path.
  • Fixed bug whereby exception would get thrown on Tiger when accessing the Synopsis Finder.
  • Fixed bug whereby images might not be exported to some MultiMarkdown formats if they were identical to another image also included in the compile.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby editing a link with the cursor inside the link but without a selection would cause the new URL to get inserted upon confirmation rather than changing the URL of the existing linked text.
  • Fixed bug whereby performing Replace All in scrivenings mode with titles shown would only update the title of the document that had the focus, and it may have been updated to use the wrong title.
  • Fixed bug whereby highlight toggle would affect main text view in Compose mode even if the focus was in the inspector panel.
  • Fixed bug that could cause RTF tables to get messed up on import if they contained comments or footnotes; the comments and footnotes could also end up in the wrong place after the table.
  • Fixed bug whereby PDF meta-data would not be applied upon Compile unless the document had internal links.
  • Fixed bug whereby hitting return at the start of a Scene Heading line in scriptwriting mode would convert it to an Action element.
  • Fixed bug whereby the titles of the formats in the script conversion panel were not accurate when it popped down automatically after making changes to script settings if you had change the script format title.
  • Fixed bug whereby footnotes in compiled RTF documents would not use the same alignment as the majority of the text, but would always come out left-justified.
  • Fixed bug whereby the references of documents dragged between projects or imported using Import Scrivener Project would point to the wrong document.
  • Fixed bug whereby using fake small caps in HTML or e-book compile would cause the tag to be placed around every small-cap character rather than around complete small-cap phrases, thus swelling HTML file size.
  • Fixed bug whereby the name generator would refuse to generate names if a forename list wasn't selected even when a forename had been set manually.
  • Fixed bug whereby adding a comment or footnote to a range of text that already has a comment or footnote associated with it would wipe the existing footnote when using the inspector buttons. This now edits the existing comment (converting it to the type indicated by the clicked button).
  • Fixed several related bugs which could cause some files not to be exported in the sandboxed version (for instance, if a text group's title ended with a period, or if "Export selected only" was ticked in some circumstances). When including notes, snapshots or meta-data in single-file exports, a folder will be created to hold the files now, too (which avoids these related files failing to get written to disk under sandboxing).
  • Worked around a strange Cocoa bug whereby PNG images inserted into text that were smaller than 18 pixels in size would refuse to scale. Such images are now converted to JPG internally when scaled.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby Import Scrivener Project would create empty text files for imported empty notes and synopses.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to Import Scrivener Project.
  • Fixed bug whereby if the last character of a document was highlighted or had a comment or footnote, this attribute would be applied to the separator when merged with another document.
  • Fixed bug whereby the footnotes document in EPUB files would appear without margins and disconnected from everything else in Apple's iBooks.
  • Made changes to the way that Scrivener Links and inspector comments and footnotes get saved and loaded, which should fix once and for all an ongoing bug that has affected users whereby, in rare circumstances, comments could shift positions upon reopening a project.
  • Fixed bug whereby, if you copied and pasted a MathType equation in the same document and then edited the second one, the changes in MathType would get applied to the first one.
  • Fixed bug whereby Keep with Next in a paragraph could cause all paragraphs to be set to KWN when exported to .doc or .docx formats.
  • Fixed bug whereby links could be included in formatting presets.
  • Fixed bug whereby editing the keywords or references of duplicated documents could affect the original.
  • Fixed bug whereby bookmarks in Word documents would start before section breaks.
  • Fixed bug whereby References could not open URLs with accented or special characters in them.
  • Invisible characters now draw correctly in right-to-left text.
  • Fixed minor bugs with restoring pane sizes when a project is restored in full screen mode.
  • Fixed bug whereby "Sync only documents in collection" in the external folder sync panel would be available even when it would have no effect because nothing was selected for syncing.
  • Fixed bug whereby invisible characters could draw in the wrong place if exact line spacing was used and set to a value below 14 points.
  • Fixed bug whereby Opt-Shift-down arrow would not select scrivenings separators.
  • Fixed bug whereby buttons at the top of the binder and inspector could not be clicked before they slid back in when in full screen mode if the toolbar was visible - when the binder and inspector are set to slide out in full screen mode, they no longer cover the toolbar area.
  • Fixed bug that caused project targets and statistics always to revert to showing the stats for the full Draft rather than the current compile group when re-opening a project.
  • Fixed minor visual glitch on Mountain Lion whereby text in the binder was a pixel lower than it should be.
  • Fixed bug that caused the "Use hyphenation" option not to be visible for standard PDF and Print compiles.
  • Fixed bug in minimalist scrollers in Compose mode whereby on systems earlier than Lion, the old grey arrows would get drawn at the top and bottom.
  • Fixed bug whereby session target count wouldn't update correctly upon closing and reopening the project after midnight.
  • Fixed bug whereby project targets didn't update the "days remaining" text upon resetting the session count.
  • Fixed bug whereby Undo would not work for undoing conversions between inline and inspector notes in scrivenings mode.
  • Fixed bug whereby Collections split height wasn't restored properly on project reload.
  • Fixed bug whereby single documents could be put into scrivenings mode in rare circumstances (for instance, using layouts or when navigating back to a document that used to be a text group).
  • When adding new documents to the corkboard, outliner or editor, the binder selection is now maintained (previously, the position of the selected rows would stay the same, which might result in different documents being selected).
  • Fixed bug whereby binder and inspector full screen slide-in panels could appear in other spaces when first switching in certain circumstances.
  • Hopefully fixed bug whereby not all actions were available in the slide-out binder and inspector panels in full screen mode (such as Move To in the contextual menu).
  • Fixed bug whereby a white gap could appear next to the corner view of the outliner when overlay scrollers were used.


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

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