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Script Debugger 6.0 – AppleScript authoring environment.

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Script Debugger 6.0

Script Debugger provides everything you need to quickly and easily author AppleScripts that work. No other scripting tool can match Script Debugger’s capabilities for creating, editing and debugging AppleScripts. Its sophisticated Dictionary browser provides far more information than any other tool can and eliminates guesswork and needless experimentation. Simply put, Script Debugger makes AppleScript easy.


Version 6.0:
1. Code Signing
Script Debugger 6 adopts an always-on approach to code signing. Once you enable code signing for a script by selecting a developer ID, Script Debugger signs your script each time you save it. There is no requirement to go through a special Save or Export operation.
2. Improved Bundled Script Resource Editing

The Script Debugger 6 bundled script resource editor has been expanded. You are now able to edit a bundle ID, copyright string, marketing version string and build number. Script Debugger 6 gives you the option of auto-incrementing build numbers each time a script is saved.
Additionally, you are able to identify a Scripting Definition (SDEF) file from your script’s bundle and to select a developer ID to enable always-on code signing for your script.
You are able to specify a default copyright string which is used when creating new bundled scripts and applications. This default copyright string may contain clipping directives which are expanded at the time a new script document is created.


OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor