Script Debugger 6.0.3 – AppleScript authoring environment.

Script Debugger 6.0.3

Script Debugger provides everything you need to quickly and easily author AppleScripts that work. No other scripting tool can match Script Debugger’s capabilities for creating, editing and debugging AppleScripts. Its sophisticated Dictionary browser provides far more information than any other tool can and eliminates guesswork and needless experimentation. Simply put, Script Debugger makes AppleScript easy.

What’s New

Version 6.0.3:

  • 555: Resolved a crashing bug that can occur when closing windows following a scrolling operation.
  • 675: Resolved a bug that could cause the document tabs to disappear when there are multiple files open.
  • 705: Addressed a Script Debugger 6.0.2 regression that could leave the user interface disabled.
  • 562: A progress dialog appears while Script Debugger is code signing a script. This should avoid the temporary hang which sometimes occurs while code signing large or complex script documents.
  • 702: Corrected a regression where the Explorer was incorrectly display both image and hex data for image values in Best view.
  • 703: Corrected a regression where Script Debugger fails to recognize NSURL instances referring to a file and display them using the File Explorer.
  • 704: To avoid codesigning errors, Script Debugger will strip resource forks/xattrs from all files in a bundle's /Contents/Resources folder before signing.


OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor


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