RubyMine 6.0.3 – Full-fledged IDE for Ruby on Rails.

RubyMine 6.0.3RubyMine is a full-fledged Ruby on Rails IDE that brings the whole range of essential developers tools for productive Ruby development and Web development with Ruby on Rails. Key features include:

  • Intelligent Editor: code completion, code snippets and automatic refactorings
  • Project Navigation: wide range of views and one-click jumping between components
  • Error-Free Coding: on-the-fly code analysis and type inference
  • Web Development with Ruby on Rails (including best-of-breed HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support)
  • RSpec, Cucumber and Test::Unit support, with GUI-based test runner
  • Ruby Debugger: full support for Rails applications debugging and easy-to-use interface
  • VCS Integrations: Git, Perforce, Subversion and CVS with changelists and merge

What’s New

Version 6.0.3:
Bugs fixed:

  • "Find Usages" in a cucumber step definition no longer shows the cucumber step as matching
  • Cannot create Capfile with capistrano 3
  • GemSpecParser creates too many threads that leads to OOM
  • Simplify boolean suggests QF but does nothing
  • Debug failed in rails 3 with Psych already initialized warning
  • RM 6 Momiji code completion is getting in the way of just typing code


  • OS X 10.5 or later
  • JDK 6
  • Ruby 1.8.x or higher, or JRuby


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