Remoter 1.6.20 – All-in-one remote desktop utility.

Remoter 1.6.20Remoter, the best remote desktop client for iOS, makes its way into the desktop! Connect to all your VNC (screen sharing), RDP (Windows Remote Desktop), SSH, and Telnet sessions from one app. Supports audio streaming for OS X and RDP. Multi-monitor support for OS X 10.7 Lion. Remoter is intuitive and very easy to use!.

What’s New

Version 1.6.20:
New Features:

  • Internal updates to RemoterFusion
  • Default SSH font size back to 14.
  • New RKL mappings: AltGr = 'G', WinKey = 'W'
  • Added local echo option for telnet
  • Smarter retina detection. Detects for the current screen now.
  • Retina: Fixed several issues related to retina display. Now it uses retina resolution if connected in the retina display.
  • Fixed 1:1 zoom centering in multi-monitor. Added 1:1 Retina Zoom.
  • Updated Spanish and German localizations
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix disconnect issue on VNC or RDP over SSH.
  • Fixed other disconnect crashes
  • Fix CloudSyncManager delete entry in certain cases.
  • Fix for nil pasteboard from remote.
  • Increases RemoterFusion reconnect time to every 10s (from 1)
  • Fixed SSH email subject line and potential crash.
  • Don't reload main screen on netbios/bonjour updates. Only reload discovery list. This was causing all popovers from being dismissed constantly when getting netbios/bonjour updates.
  • Netbios fix.
  • Fixed problems with Bonjour resolution
  • Fixed typo for RDP over SSH password manager.
  • Fixed bug in SSH where password protected keys couldn't be imported.
  • Fix Password manager session editor options for VNCoverSSH and RDPoverSSH
  • Instances of press Yes -> press OK
  • Fixed initial window size for retina displays.
  • Session editor tabs use a smaller font (11points) now so that they fit better.
  • Fix issue where some combo box elements wouldn't be populated correctly in the session editor and remoter config.


Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.6.6 or later


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