Reformator 1.2.2 – Multi-functional batch photo converter.


Reformator helps you convert a bulk of images into the most popular image formats, give your files meaningful names, watermark with text and image, adjust photos (brightness/saturation/exposure/grayscale/etc.), fit geometry (scale/crop/trim/etc.), remove private metadata, add your own copyrights, and much more. Also, Reformator is a great tool to browse your photos with an up-to-date photo Browser, QuickLook preview, the Image Info panel. Plus, you have an opportunity to search photos using the built-in search tool with up to 30 criteria, group your photos by capture date, image format etc.

Key app features and advantages:

  • Beautiful “plain” design, fast processing
  • Comfortable photo browsing and multi-criteria search of photos
  • Converting to most popular image formats in RGB/CMYK/Gray color models, 8/16/32 bits, alpha channel
  • Constructing file names using text and tags
  • Watermarking with image and text: rich settings, flexible geometry
  • Image geometry fitting: resizing, scaling, trimming, adding borders and more
  • Color adjustment: brightness/saturation/exposure/grayscale/etc.
  • Metadata correction: changing capture date, removing private infos, adding copyrights etc.


OS X 10.9 or later


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