ReadHear Pro 2.0.11633 – the first ever fully-featured Digital Talking Book player for the Mac!

ReadHear Pro 2.0.11633

ReadHear™ Mac is the first ever fully-featured Digital Talking Book player for the Mac! The great accessibility features available in ReadHear™ are no longer limited to the PC. ReadHear Mac provides excellent benefits to those who enjoy and appreciate learning and listening to all types of books, articles, and documents.

Support for MathML, NIMAS 1.1., & DAISY/ NISO 2005. ReadHear Mac is the first DAISY DTB player that supports all updated specifications on the Macintosh.
Roaming Activation for greater portability. The license can be moved from one computer to another making it cost-effective for school licensing, at home and at work.
Continuous audio when using another program simultaneously. ReadHear Mac works like a media player, so it will continue reading while you do other things on your computer.
Optimized for large books. From encyclopedias to textbooks, any large book will open quickly, navigating and processing at the speed of a smaller book.
Automatic Update. ReadHear Mac regularly checks for updates so users will always have the most recent version available.
Bookshare, RFB&D DAISY Audiobooks, Educational Publishers, e-Pub, & DRM Supported soon!

ReadHear Mac is compatible with Leopard (Mac OSX v10.5) and above and plays the following file formats:

Plain text
DAISY 2 and 3
SVG images
e-Pub (soon)


Mac OSX v10.5 or later


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