QuickLens 1.7 – A powerful set of tools to explore the UI down to the pixel.

QuickLens 1.7

As a UI Designer/Developer, you are always trying to create the best possible interfaces. With QuickLens, you can ensure that your implementation matches the design.

QuickLens allows you to:
  • Zoom into Pixels
  • Measure Dimensions
  • Sample Colors
  • Inspect Alignments
…all through a suite of tools:
  • Lens
  • Ruler
  • Frame
  • Guide
  • Tape
  • Monocle
  • Crosshair

Each tool has a clearly defined purpose and does one thing exceedingly well. When combined with other tools, you can bring out the true power of QuickLens.

  • Zoom into pixels
  • Sample colors
  • Make precise pixel measurements
  • Capture snapshots with the pixel grid
  • Measure vertical and horizontal distances
  • Switch between several units: points, inches, centimeters, millimeters, picas
  • Measure width and height of on-screen elements
  • Setup grids with row and columns to overlay on your designs
  • Includes Golden Grids with spirals
  • Save and manage grid presets
  • Capture snapshots with the overlay grids
  • Inspect alignments with screen-wide guides
  • Setup guides on multiple monitors
  • Save and load guides
  • Measure length between any two points on the screen
  • Switch between various units: points, inches, centimeters, millimeters, picas
  • Measure angles
  • A handy presentation tool
  • Zoom into any part of the screen with 5 different zoom levels
  • Change shapes and sizes
  • Dim rest of the screen to focus on zoomed in area
  • Move between monitors seamlessly
  • View screen-wide crosshair
  • Use for quick alignment checks
  • See the location with the origin at the top (Design mode) or bottom (Developer mode)
  • Toggle the distance mode to see real-time distances between screen elements

What’s New

Version 1.7:

  • Auto-Palette is a new way to extract colors from the screen by just selecting an area.
  • Pick the color format from a menu when you copy color to the clipboard.
  • Added ability to pick a Color Profile for sampling colors. You can use the default Native Display profile or choose sRGB, Generic RGB or Adobe RGB.
  • Lens can also be closed with the ESCAPE key.
  • Guide Stamping is a new way to quickly create guides. Stamp out rough guides and do fine adjustments after creation.
  • You can now see the pixel color in the info-mode. You can also copy the color to clipboard using the 'C' key.
  • If you prefer not to activate QuickLens when launching tools, you have the option now in Preferences.
  • You can now configure visibility of the Menubar and the Dock icons
  • The Shortcuts Viewer allows you to browse shortcuts for all tools. It will automatically switch to show shortcuts for the active tool.
  • New App Icon!
  • A 1pt increase in font size across the app. This makes text more readable in general.
  • Support for keys on the Numpad
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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