Quicken 2016 3.1.0 – Complete personal finance solution.

Quicken 2016 3.1.0

Quicken 2016 helps you manage all your personal finances in one place, so you can see where you’re spending and where you can save. Quicken automatically categorizes your financial transactions, helps you stay on top of bills and set goals so you can save more. You can even access your data on the go.

  • View All Your Accounts in One Place – See all your bank, credit card, investment and retirement accounts in one place, so you know exactly where you stand. Quicken 2016 downloads your income and expenses from your accounts, so you don’t have to enter transactions manually and avoid the hassle of going to multiple websites.
  • See Exactly Where Your Money Is Going – Quicken 2016 automatically categorizes expenses like groceries, entertainment, and more, so you don’t have to edit them manually. You can easily see where you’re spending and where you can save.
  • Plan, and Stay on, a Budget – We make it easy to get on a budget you can live with. Quicken 2016 automatically sets up budget goals based on what you’ve spent in the past. You can customize your plan, and we’ll track your progress.
  • Never Miss a Bill – Quicken 2016 automatically creates bill reminders for you based on your previous bills; you can customize or add reminders as needed. We’ll alert you when bills are coming up, so you can pay them on time and avoid late fees.
  • Make Smart Money Decisions on the Go – Check your account balances and budget on the go. Our free mobile app syncs data from your computer to your iPhone and iPad. Take pictures of receipts to track key purchases.
  • Manage Your Investments and Plan for Taxes – See how your investments are performing. We’ll continuously update quotes to keep your portfolio value current. We make tax time easier by tracking cost basis estimating capital gains, and creating Schedule D tax reports.
  • Getting Started Is a Breeze – Step-by-step guidance helps you get up and running fast. Just answer a few simple questions; we’ll show you how Quicken works, and what to do next. You’ll see your financial picture come quickly into focus.
  • Import Data From Previous Quicken Versions – Easily import data from Quicken 2015, Quicken Essentials, Quicken 2007, and Quicken Windows 2010 or newer versions.


Version 3.1.0: (29.14518.100):

New Features
  • Now you can export Category Summary and Tax Schedule reports to a CSV file (compatible with Excel, Numbers and other spreadsheets). We've received a lot of requests for this one. Enjoy!
  • Bonus TIP: You can always export transactions from you Quicken registers to CSV files. This especially powerful when combined with the Search and Filtering capability already in the registers. For example, you could filter by a date range, limit your search to just Payee names and, boom, you have an instant Payee report. You'll find the export option in the File menu: File > Export Selected Transactions to Excel File (CSV)...
  • Mac-Only Quicken Windows file conversion and import!* Now, finally, you can convert your Quicken Windows files (.QDF files) to Quicken Mac 2016 without Windows! The Windows to Mac conversion and file import now happens seamlessly on your Mac. No need to have access to a Windows computer or create a transfer (.QXF) file. All you need is your Quicken Windows (.QDF) file. * Note that this Mac Only import process is not currently available to customers who purchased Quicken for Mac 2016 in the Mac App Store. Apologies to our App Store customers. We are currently investigating whether we can bring the new file conversion process to the App Store version. In the meantime, App Store customers can continue to use the existing File Conversion Utility.
Improvements to Direct Connect Bill Pay
  • Direct Connect Bill Pay Customers can now receive messages and service alerts from their bank right in Quicken. If your bank sends you a message you'll be notified on the Account Status window after you update your accounts. You can also check for mail at any time by selecting Window > Bank Messages. (Note that this menu item will be available and active only if you use Direct Connect Bill Pay and have messages to read.)
  • Improved error reporting on the Account Status window. If you run into problems, the Bill Pay error message now links directly to the appropriate Help topic.
  • You can now setup a Scheduled Transaction to be a Bill Pay transaction (without getting that weird "%@ Is Not Enabled" error). Note: This is still just a Scheduled Transaction (a reminder in Quicken). You still must Enter and the Send the transaction when your bill becomes becomes due. Creating the Scheduled Transaction alone does not send any Bill Pay instructions to your Bank.
  • Fixed an issue where a transaction could be shown as "Sent" but also in an Error state. (That's confusing! thanks to Jim from Quicken Live Community for pointing this out).
  • Fixed text on the Online Payments tab in the register that said "Processing" for transactions that were actually "Paid".
  • Online Bill Payment check numbers now display in the Check Number field (Thanks Beta tester, macuser_22). Note that not all banks return a check number.
  • Quicken 2007 files that previously had Bill Pay transactions in an Error Recovery state can now be imported (thanks to Beta tester, deanesfield).
  • Online Transfers are now included on the Send Payments window.
Download-Quality Fixes
  • Fixed a number of issues that could result in duplicate transactions when switching connection methods. For example:
  • Switching from a Quicken Connect to Direct Connect.
  • Switching from Direct Connect to Quicken Connect.
  • Importing a QFX file and then connecting via Quicken Connect.
  • "Clean up payees" preference is now respected for Quicken Connect accounts (Thanks to Beta tester, kbw4).
  • Fixed an issue where transaction download could time out before completing.
  • Fixed an issue where some customers saw a "generic error" when attempting to download.
  • Fixed an issue where some customers received "Error 185" even after entering correct credentials to an MFA challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where customers of Direct Connect banks that require a PIN change on first use were being prompted to change their PIN more than once.
Lot of Crash Fixes
  • Fixed 13 different crashes that could occur in multiple contexts--importing a QIF file, updating quotes, sending a Bill Pay Transaction, while using the cash or investing register, while dragging a transaction to a different account and more. (Thanks to everyone that sends a Crash Report after experiencing a crash. When you launch Quicken after a crash you will be prompted to send a crash report. These reports are anonymous (entering your email in the report form is completely optional). These reports are the primary way we discover and fix crashes. So if you see the form, please click send. Thanks.)
And More Fixes
  • Reconcile Starting and Ending Balance no longer defaults to a negative number.
  • Note that you should always enter positive numbers (no negative signs) even in Credit Card accounts. Using a negative number will make it impossible to reconcile properly. Big thanks to all of you that brought this to our attention.
  • Scheduled Transactions should now match to downloaded transactions!
  • Transactions entered in manual accounts will no longer display the "Manual transaction" pencil icon (since all transactions are entered manually).
  • Fixed an issue where Reinvest Dividend transaction totals were inflated in the exported TurboTax (.TXF) file (thanks to gNeil and JM in Quicken Live Community).
  • Fixed an issue where account values could mysteriously disappear in the sidebar (thanks Beta tester, ctquinn).
  • Fixed an issue where Today's Gain/Loss amount on All Investments Portfolio view was inaccurate because it did not include all accounts. (Thanks to Beta Tester, cowgs)
  • Fixed an issue where past due Scheduled Transactions did not always display in the Calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Import option for Quicken Essentials and Quicken 2015 files was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Opening a Quicken Essentials or Quicken 2015 backup didn't always perform the correct setup steps.
  • Fixed an issue where importing a Quicken 2007 account could result in transactions going to wrong register.
  • Fixed an issue where shares for Option transactions could be incorrectly calculated.
  • Fixed an issue where importing an Investment QFX file could result in only placeholder transactions being imported.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of Investing quotes "Last Updated" time on the Portfolio view.
  • Fixed an issue where Day Change on the Portfolio view showed in the wrong color if the account had a negative balance.
  • Fixed an issue where Day Change and Today's Gain/Loss amounts on the Portfolio view were not getting updated if two securities had the same ticker.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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