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QuarkXPress – Desktop publishing solution.

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QuarkXPress 2017 builds on the success of its predecessor, which 66% of users (in an online poll) rated as the best version of QuarkXPress ever. With its 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress 2017 delivers outstanding performance across the board, from file handling and layout rendering to PDF export. Add in a raft of innovative new capabilities and long-requested features, and you have a winning combination for creatives who only want the best.

  • Convert PDF, Illustrator, and EPS Files to Native QuarkXPress Objects – Say goodbye to time-consuming projects (think rebuilding logos and reconstructing PDF files sent by your clients). QuarkXPress is the first layout application to import PDF, Illustrator and EPS files and convert them to native objects (restrictions apply). Look forward to fully editable Bezier versions of vector graphics, real text and automatically extracted colors and font information.
  • Copy-and-Paste Objects from Illustrator, PowerPoint, and Others to QuarkXPress – Simply copy items from other applications such as PowerPoint, Illustrator or even InDesign and paste them into your QuarkXPress layout as Native QuarkXPress Objects (restrictions apply), allowing you to easily complete or reuse them up in QuarkXPress 2017.
  • Multi-Color Gradients – Some things are worth waiting for. With the new Multi-Color Gradients you have all the flexibility you’ve yearned for when designing color blends. Create as many color stops as you like, use sliders or numeric settings, opt for the full radial setting or set the aspect ratio. Unlike other layout software, you can even set different opacity levels for each color stop.
  • Export as HTML5 Publications – Building on the popularity of reflowable and fixed layout eBooks and stunning interactive apps from App Studio, QuarkXPress 2017 adds another digital output format. You can now create HTML5 Publications without any additional software and no additional digital publishing costs (own Web server/domain required). Just upload HTML5 Publications to your own website and show the world. HTML5 Publications displays pixel-perfect layouts on all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, providing an easy and effective online experience. With HTML5 Publications you can go beyond static print layouts to add interactive enrichments such as scrollable areas, slide shows, animations and more. Quite possibly the easiest way to share your final magazine, newspaper, comics, reports, ads and more. Even use HTML5 Publications to enable Web-based previews for your customers.
  • Support for OpenType Stylistic Sets – Typography lovers – it’s time to get excited. With modern digital fonts, font designers can group related alternative characters into OpenType Stylistic Sets, which may be switched on together. Stylistic Sets give users the ability to quickly apply these sets with one click. For example, Vollkorn, a free body typeface by Friedrich Althausen, provides two stylistic sets that you can easily switch between. One is a more standard “old-style” set for body text and another “plainer” stylistic set is better suited for headlines while preserving the look of the whole body text. QuarkXPress adds support for Stylistic Sets to its OpenType support and allows you to quickly make use of this powerful feature for automating typography.
  • XTensions Interface Consistency – If you have already invested in a publishing system or third party software that integrates with QuarkXPress 2015, there’s good news. You can continue to work with QuarkXPress 2017 without disruption. As the plug-in interface is the same between QuarkXPress 2017 and QuarkXPress 2015, your XTensions will work in the new version uninterrupted (provided the XTension does not conflict with any of the new functionality).



  • Guides and bleed/safety marks are wrongly positioned when using the Scale palette to scale a layout.
  • Spot colored shadings in a separation color space are not outputting as spot colors and are converted to CMYK colors when outputting in CMYK and spot output setup in native.
  • Spread guides and bleed guides are not copied when you duplicate a layout.
  • Dragging an image from QuarkXPress to Adobe Photoshop fails.
  • Tracking graph values are displayed small on HighDPI monitors.
  • An unwanted alert "Specific layout settings or different font versions may cause this text to reflow", pops up when scrolling some documents.
  • Macedonian characters are pasted as junk (i.e., 2 character) in the Find What and Change To fields on the Find/Change palette.
  • The Send and Bring option is not available on the context menu for tables, in item mode.
  • Selecting text across pages, using a mouse, is uncontrollable.
  • The frame level is not at the same level as shade when the First Baseline Minimum setting for a text box is set to Cap Height or Cap + Ascent.
  • Selecting the content variable in the layout doesn’t highlight the content variable in the Content Variables palette.
  • When creating a table, the validation for maximum number of rows or columns properties is incorrect.
  • Dot gain occurs when outputting RGB images with CMYK output setup having custom profiles.
  • QuarkXPress crashes on remote desktop after closing a library and a project, if no project is open.
  • EPS is not importing and an ‘Unknown Error’ message is shown if the user name has a Unicode character.
  • The Column field and the Text Skew field and their increment/decrement arrows have been interchanged in the Text tab.
  • Drop shadow is separated when grouped text boxes containing shadow are moved.
  • The Group option on the Item menu does not work in Japanese language.
  • Undo/Redo stops working after running some Apple Script.
  • The keyboard shortcut for superscript is not working on Windows.
  • (4114)
  • Full page images are not exported if one of the boxes is above the pasteboard area.
  • Positive and negative incremental leading values input while creating a new or editing an existing paragraph style sheet is changed to absolute leading value when saving the stylesheet.
  • Unable to undo the application of Non-Breaking attribute.
  • Typing text is very slow in a spanned paragraph with a pararagraph rule applied. User is unable to select text by double/triple clicking in different column blocks after typing in a column block.
  • Text reflows when opening a legacy project in containing footnotes in QuarkXPress 2017 if the footnote paragraph stylesheet has absolute leading/incremental leading.
  • Tab leaders for right tabs and right indent tabs are not aligned vertically.
  • Tab leaders are not output in split column paragraphs except those in the first split column; Tab leaders are not rendered in a layout in the second column of a two column text box if there are split column paragraphs in the first column of the box.
  • Kern and track values are incremented/decremented by an incorrect amount via the shortcut .
  • Non-breaking text is highlighted by default in new documents.
  • The QuarkXPress updater breaks the file association, giving an error when opening with a double click.
  • The QuarkXPress updater overwrites/replaces the Settings.xml file. Changes made by the user are lost/deleted.
  • The mixed state color icon is not displayed in the stroke color list on the Measurement palette.
  • A frame is not appearing in output if shading is applied to a box with offset values.
  • QuarkXPress crashes when adding a glyph to the favorite glyphs on the Glyph palette if a text run has any type attribute other than P/B/I .
  • Spot colors in imported Tiff and PSD images are rendering as black when applying Soft Proof if an alpha mask is applied to the image.
  • Some images remain modified even after updating them to OK, when the Usage dialog is invoked again.
  • The multichannel PSD image channel is not rendering in the exported PDF when the Output Preview dialog is opened in acrobat, if the channel color is modified with a process color in QuarkXPress.
  • User is not able to switch spot channels on/off using the Advanced Image palette if an alpha mask is applied .
  • QuarkXPress created PDF files having 1 Bit and Grayscale rendering as corrupted on importing into XPress.
  • The Merge or Split Paths menu item is disabled when multiple objects are selected and enabled an a single object is selected in Japanese language.
  • The Measurement palette displaying truncated at 125% scaling on a HighDPI machine.
  • Drop shadows are not rendering correctly when applying or opening legacy projects containing drop shadows.
  • Images (JPEG and PNG) created with the Save Picture option, are not saved correctly for images scaled disproportionately.
  • Scaled images are rendering and exporting without anti aliasing.
  • X1a and X3 certification fails during PDf output on a Windows fresh setup.
  • Footnote text is displayed in a box while its Footnote reference number is displayed in another box if Keep Lines Together and Keep with Next Paragraph is applied on the text; Footnote text disappears if the text box is resized.
  • (Windows 7 only): Options/icons are truncated at readability of 125% and 150%.
  • (Windows only): The small caps keyboard shortcut is not working in German.
  • (Mac only): Duplex printing with HP printers is not working if the machine name contains "" (quotes).
  • QuarkXPress crashes when dragging a Master page to a layout page if the focus is in the Master page.


OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit processor