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QR Factory 2.9.13 – Professional QR code creator.

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QR Factory 2.9.13

QR Factory is the end of boring black-and-white QR codes! Create QR codes from 9 different types of content and make them stand out from your competition.

  • Create unlimited batch codes from a CSV file with no in-app purchase required.
  • Customize your code with smooth rounded corners, beautiful gradients, background colours, and enhanced reliability.
  • Save as bitmap (PNG) or vector (PDF).
  • Export the code information and then import it back later for less typing.
  • Use the full featured map search for making location codes or use an existing contact to make a MECARD/VCARD code.
  • Print your codes directly from the app.
  • Verify that your code will be readable with the built-in checker.
  • No Internet connection required (except for Location). Securely create your codes knowing that your data never leaves your Mac.
  • Built-in support for the following types of QR codes:
    • Plain Text
    • Email
    • URL
    • Location (by address or latitude/longitude)
    • Phone/SMS
    • Person (new or existing contact)
    • Wi-Fi Setup
    • Calendar Events
    • Twitter and Facebook


Version 2.9.13:

  • Added new options for specifying both RGB and CMYK colors in CSV files using rgb(r,g,b) or cymk(c,y,m,k)
  • Added description field for calendar events for both normal and CSV-generated codes
  • Minor update to the UI for a cleaner look
  • Issue where SEPA fields were not saved properly when exporting info
  • Issue where SEPA remittance type popup wouldn't work properly


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor