qBitTorrent 3.4.0 – Lightweight Bittorrent client.

qBitTorrent 3.4.0

The qBittorrent project was started in March 2006 to create a lightweight but featureful BitTorrent client that would be multi-platform and very easy to use.

qBittorrent v2 is the closest open source (GNU GPL v2 license) equivalent to mtorrent. qBittorrent is based on Qt4 toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar.

qBittorrent Features

  • Polished µTorrent-like User Interface
  • Well-integrated and extensible Search Engine
    • Simultaneous search in most famous BitTorrent search sites
    • Per-category-specific search requests (e.g. Books, Music, Movies)
  • All Bittorrent extensions
    • DHT, Peer Exchange, Full encryption, Magnet/BitComet URIs, …
  • Remote control through a Web user interface
    • Nearly identical to the regular UI, all in Ajax
  • Advanced control over trackers, peers and torrents
    • Torrents queueing and prioritizing
    • Torrent content selection and prioritizing
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support
  • Available in ~41 languages (Unicode support)
  • Torrent creation tool
  • Advanced RSS support with download filters (inc. regex)
  • Bandwidth scheduler
  • IP Filtering (eMule and PeerGuardian compatible)
  • IPv6 compliant
  • Sequential downloading (aka “Download in order”)
  • Available on most platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD

What’s New

Version 3.4.0:

  • Download more pieces in "Download first and last pieces first" feature
  • Unlock first column in peerlist too
  • Add "Hide zero values" option. Closes #3543.
  • Add a "remaining" column to the torrent content model
  • Allow to toggle columns in peerlist/li>
  • Add ability to filter log messages by type.
  • Add ability to write the log to file.
  • Add 'never show again' checkbox/pref to auto-exit confirm dialog
  • Perform fastresume data saving in separate thread
  • Optimize session startup
Bug Fixes
  • Save resume data using QSaveFile (Qt5 only). This reduces chances of corrupt files.
  • Check torrent file permissions before opening
  • Always update native session's announce_ip setting
  • Fix loading *.magnet files from watched folders. Closes #4701.
  • Fix upgrade corrupted fastresume file
  • Fix total values for "Seeds" and "Peers"
  • Fix potential race condition. Closes #4742.
  • Don't merge trackers for private torrents. Closes #2928.
  • Fix double buttons in "Add New Torrent" dialog.
  • Fix malformed date header in email. Closes #4828.
  • Save "Run external program" input as is. Closes #4830.
  • Enable "filename" column in peers list again. Crash is fixed now.
  • Don't display warning when folder name stayed the same after rename.
  • Fix selection of Portuguese translation files.
  • Fix selection of Esperanto locale. Closes #4999.
  • Fix "caja" file manager opens the file instead of opens the directory. Closes #5003.
  • Fix periodic latency spikes on Windows with WiFi connections. Closes #4209.
  • Potentially fix a random crash coming from the sidepanel
Web UI
  • Fix max_ratio precision. Closes #4707
  • Fix JavaScript exception on WebUI load
  • Fix translation
  • Submit the label in the new label dialog on pressing enter key
  • Check WebUI username and password length. Closes #4191
  • Minor changes in CSS styles
  • Add "Added on" and "Completion on" fields to query/torrents query response
  • Do not try to parse request message when content-length is 0
  • Support SSL certificate bundles. Issue #4896.
  • Change the order of the values of speed labels
  • Update PirateBay plugin.
  • Added TorLock search engine
  • Fix splash screen staying on top of all windows. Closes #1391.
  • Rearrange advanced settings
  • Cleanup "about" dialog
  • Cleanup "Add New Torrent" dialog
  • Use short date in addnewtorrentdialog
  • Change "Free disk space" to "Free space on disk"
  • Let OS handle DPI scaling for now. Should let Qt do the work when it's more mature.
  • Put comment_lbl in QScrollArea. Closes #4881.
  • Change the order of the values of speed labels
  • Cleanup the Log tab
  • Cleanup the RSS tab
  • Set "Show splash screen on start up" option default to off
  • Support for cross-compilation with MXE
  • Add basic (and unofficial) cmake support
  • Move some URLs overs to HTTPS
  • Add appveyor support
  • TravisCI: switch to Trusty image. Closes #4953.
  • Many other internal code restructuring, cleaning and fixing.


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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