Postbox 6.1.14

Postbox is a new email application that helps you organize your work life and get stuff done. It has all the elegance and simplicity of Apple Mail, but with more power and flexibility to manage even the most demanding workloads.

  • Ultra-Fast Search – Instantly find messages, attachments, images, links, and contacts.
  • Conversation Views – Make sense of email threads through chronological message views.
  • Better Organization – Tabs, Topics, and To-Dos help you stay organized with less effort.
  • Works Great with OS X – Postbox integrates with the Address Book, iCal, iPhoto, Spotlight, and Quick Look. Postbox even works with OmniFocus and Things!
  • Quick and Easy Setup – Postbox will automatically determine your connection settings for you!

Postbox is available in English, German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.


Version 6.1.14:

  • Ellipses to the Quick Bar to accommodate long folder names or deeply nested folder paths
  • Preference for the number of idle seconds to wait before indexing in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • Preference that will automatically download message bodies for folders marked for offline in Preferences | Options > Advanced > General
  • The way Postbox automatically indexes messages for search
  • The accuracy of S/MIME icons in the message header
  • A bug caused signature defaults to not display properly in the Identity preference panel
  • A bug that would prevent subsequent Topic selections from working in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
  • A bug that could cause content to be duplicated when jumping from Quick Reply to a full composition window
  • A regression that prevented Topics from being properly removed
  • A bug that prevented search results from displaying when an Account Group is selected
  • A bug that could cause new messages to not appear when Focus Pane attributes are selected
  • Several theme/UI issues
  • Implemented change that will always force a selection in the Focus Pane when it is opened
  • Better and more complete fix for "efail" security issue


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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