PNG Compressor 1.1 – Lossless PNG compression for designers and developers.

PNG compression … Drag & drop PNGs from Finder into the app to reduce their files sizes. This tool is an easy and lightweight wrapper around OptiPNG by Cosmin Truţa.

Why do you need PNG Compressor:

  • Optimize graphics on your website for faster loading and saving the bandwidth.
  • Reduce file sizes of pictures to lower hosting costs.
  • Compress bitmaps in your iPhone or Mac app bundles.
  • Replace console tools like pngcrush with a native Mac app.

Future updates will bring support for all other console compressors!


Version 1.1:

  • Improved General and Advanced preference panes
  • A new preference pane Queue for command line tools
  • Quick Look panel for previewing selected images
  • Displaying of total savings in the status bar
  • A contextual menu in the list view
  • New preferences for text size and savings in the list view
  • Support for “silent” compression when you drag an image into the Dock
  • A new option to compress images on the Desktop automatically
  • Press and hold the Shift key on launch to reset all preferences
  • Completed images are cleaned up automatically on quit
  • Other improvements and bug fixes


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