PhotoZoom Pro 6.0.8 – Enlarge digital images while preserving quality.

PhotoZoom Pro 6.0.8

PhotoZoom Pro not only creates larger images than any other software (up to 1 million by 1 million pixels), it also produces higher quality results. PhotoZoom Pro is equipped with S-Spline Max, a unique, patented image-resize technology, which excels at preserving clean edges, sharpness, and fine details.

Even noisy, compressed originals can be enlarged successfully. Normally, noise and JPEG compression artifacts become disturbingly visible during enlargement. PhotoZoom Pro however offers the tools to eliminate these distortions. You’ll be amazed by the amount of detail PhotoZoom Pro is able to dig up from below the mess.

What’s New

Version 6.0.8:

  • New: Official support for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • New: Official Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 support
  • Fixed: Unexpected quitting when using some graphic cards with certain languages
  • Fixed: Automation plug-in not working as part of an action in Photoshop
  • Fixed: Unable to save PNG images with an sRGB profile


OS X 10.6 or later


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