PhotoMarks 3.1 – Add visual watermarks to images in batch mode.

PhotoMarks 3.0

PhotoMarks is a full-featured solution for visually watermarking your copyrighted images in batch mode. Why use a complicated, general-use photo editor when you can use a lightweight, specially built tool to perform the same task?

Here is what PhotoMarks can do for you:

  • Batch photo processing with support for multi-core processors;
  • Completely customizable text watermarks with pixel-perfect positioning, tile mode, rotation, multiline text, custom and textured fonts, shadow, stroke, bounding box, and more;
  • Completely customizable logo watermarks with pixel-perfect positioning, tile mode, rotation, scaling, stroke, shadow, and more;
  • Smart-resize filter that makes the difference between landscape and portrait photos, for automatically reducing image size in pixels;
  • Auto-rotate filter for automatically rotating photos to the right orientation, or just use a predefined rotation;
  • Graphically decorate photos with beautifully designed grunge, vintage, picture, and shape frames, add a shadow effect or a simple border;
  • Completely customizable rename filter with keywords and search-and-replace in filenames;
  • Upload directly to FTP or send via email;
  • Upload your watermarked photos directly to Flickr;
  • Easy-to-use interface with previews for every step of the process;
  • Support for 50 image formats, including RAW formats from DSLR digital cameras;
  • Save settings as profiles and easily reuse them.

What’s New

Version 3.1:

  • Powerful new Details view in Step 1 for visualizing and sorting thousands of images. Sort photos in Step 1 by name, type, date taken, dimensions, size, location, camera, f-stop, exposure, ISO, DPI, color, coordinates, and even altitude
  • Improvements to the drag-and-drop feature in the logo, text, resize, and crop filters
  • The option to pause the photo processing, very useful when processing thousands of photos in one session
  • Full support for macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • The help has been moved from in-application to a web-based solution
Graphic Filters
  • Resize - Added new option: 'Don't upscale images that are smaller than specified size'
  • Resize - Added two decimal precision for the Percents option and updated interface
  • Crop - Added two decimal precision for the Percents option. Updated cropping rectangle to be visible on white backgrounds
  • Rotate - Added the condition to only rotate the Portrait or the Landscape photos
  • The option to maximize the window for all graphical filters
Image Formats
  • Updated support for new DSLR digital cameras


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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