PeakHour 3.0.3 – Visualize and analyze your network traffic.


PeakHour 3 works with compatible routers and network devices. We strongly recommend you visit for more information on compatibility.

PeakHour 3 is a beautiful, network traffic visualiser that lives in your Mac OS menu bar. Its a powerful tool that provides an instant and historical view of your Internet, WiFi and other compatible devices.

PeakHour 3 is perfect for monitoring your compatible network devices*: Internet, WiFi, NAS, servers and more. PeakHour 3 gives you a real-time visual view of how much bandwidth your devices are using. In PeakHour 3, data is collected over time and can be analysed in the powerful new History view, which lets you see previous collected data for any time period at adjustable levels of detail.

PeakHour 3 can also track individual total usage (optionally over an automatically reset monthly period), and can also track your Internet usage if you’re on a capped or limited monthly allowance. PeakHour 3 can send email alerts or system notifications as you reach certain usage thresholds.

◆ Greatly enhanced real-time view. No longer limited to 3 minutes, you can see as far as 12 hours into the past. View is now more configurable with different zoom levels, absolute vs. relative times and more.
◆ Powerful History engine lets you view back months or even years. The view is highly adjustable and lets you set almost any time period with a configurable level of detail. Mouse over elements to see the individual datapoint or drag-select a range to see an average or sum.
◆ New Configuration Assistant makes setup even easier. Now supports active scanning for SNMP devices on your local network and a new validation view that shows you details about the target you’ve just chosen.
◆ Usage Triggers can now email you, pop up an OS notification or run a script when a usage threshold is met. Configure as many usage thresholds as you like, set to either a percentage or absolute usage amount (GB)
◆ “Hide on Unreachable” which – if enabled – will completely hide any targets that can’t be reached. Great if you roam between different networks (e.g. home and work) and only want to see those that are being monitored.
◆ Fully supports OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” including the new Dark Mode UI and Vibrancy.

– Monitor your Internet usage in real-time and over time.
– Help determine the optimum placement of your Wireless Access Point for maximum performance or troubleshoot slow WiFi.
– Track how much Internet data you’re using to make sure you don’t go over your monthly allowance.
– Help troubleshoot Internet performance problems and slowdowns.
– Check your ISP is providing the speeds you’re paying for.
– Monitor the performance of your network and connected devices: NAS, servers and other network devices.

◆ Can monitor most Internet routers, WiFi access points, PCs, Macs and servers. (must be SNMP-enabled or UPnP-enabled; UPnP must support IGW protocol. Head over to if you’re unsure about compatibility).
◆ Drop-down display showing upload / download graph and router information over time.
◆ Monitor multiple devices at once and/or multiple interfaces on a single device.
◆ Tear-off History view shows you usage or speed information. Adjust the level of detail and view anywhere from 6 hours to months worth of data.
◆ Detailed usage summary means your monthly consumption is always available at a glance.
◆ Configuration Assistant makes it easy to set up your various devices to monitor.
◆ Auto-Scan automatically detects both UPnP and SNMP devices*
◆ Configurable display:
– Units (eg. MB/sec vs Mbit/sec)
– Scale (Automatic or fixed)
– Graph smoothing
– Graph colors
– Lots more
◆ Optimised for Retina displays.
◆ Fully optimised for Mac OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”


OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor


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