Path Finder 7.0 – Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative.

Path Finder 7.0

Path Finder is a file browser that combines the familiar Finder interface with the powerful utilities and innovative features.

Just a small selection of the Path Finder 6 feature set:

  • Dual pane file browser
  • Tabs to quickly manage multiple locations on your hard drive in one window
  • Reorder how your files are listed to suit your personal preferences
  • View invisible files and navigate inside of Mac OS X packages quickly and easily
  • Access your frequently used folders, files, and applications with the Shelf, and save multiple Shelf setups to suit different activities
  • Pause drag-and-drop operations by putting files into the Drop Stack for future use
  • Create and convert disk images
  • Access the OS X command line
  • Much, much more!


Version 7.0: 

  • Dropbox integration
    • Automatically detects the installed Dropbox folder for the installed Dropbox application. In that case, asks to link to a Dropbox account.
    • Allows manual linking/unlinking to/from a Dropbox account in the preferences.
    • Offers standard Dropbox-related menu items in both contextual and action menu, just like Finder. This items are shown only if Path Finder is linked to a Dropbox account. Their presence in menus can be configured in Contextual Manu preferences, just like for any other menu item.
  • FolderSync -- Folder Comparison and Synchronization
  • 3) New copy/move delete engine
    • Much Faster
    • Should remove strange errors which sometime occur (OSStatus -36, -61, etc).
    • Based on a modern API, dumps a deprecated File Manager API.
    • Offers real folder merging when copied/moved folders have conflicting (same) names.
    • On file conflict, offers to stop/skip/replace/keep both/keep based on the time stamp options.
  • Re-designed Path Finder Desktop
    • Completely redesigned and improved Path Finder Desktop, which solves the many desktop issues present in Path Finder.
    • Improved placement of icons on the Desktop.
    • Displays and arranges icons on any display in a multi-display environment.
    • Remembers which display icons were placed in the multi-display environment and automatically adds/removes them as new displays are added/removed.
    • Respects Desktop background image and color settings in the System Preferences and immediately responds to changes.
    • Compatible with Mission Control.
  • New, faster and improved terminal
    • Faster re-drawing.
    • Works with non-ASCII characters and different encodings.
    • Added option to execute a particular command on a session start.
    • Choose where to open a terminal session when executing "Open in Terminal" from the main menu: new window/new tab/new bottom module/new right module.
    • Offers simplified but versatile options.
  • Re-designed Icon view
    • Completely redesigned and improved icon view.
    • Re-draws faster.
    • Enables arranging/grouping.
    • Fixes arrow key selection (mirrors Finder default).
    • Offers improved in-line file preview for media files (audio, video, etc.)
  • Arranging/grouping items
    • Arranging items in groups based on a particular file attribute, as in the Finder. This applies to the Find window as well.
  • Improved Find window
    • Supports a full range of view options- icon, list, and column.
    • Features new and greatly improved icon view.
    • Enables arranging/grouping of items.
    • Offers new "does not contain" and "is not" search queries, effectively excluding certain files from the search.
  • Editable Path Navigator
    • Path Navigator now allows typing in a direct folder path.
    • Path Navigator enters "editing mode" when double-clicked, exits that mode clicking anywhere else.
    • Sports autocompletion, offering available folders paths while users type a path.
  • Replaced "Drawers" with "Shelves"
    • Drawers completely removed
    • Up to 4 configurable modules in the bottom shelf.
    • Up to 4 configurable modules in the right shelf.
    • 8 total, completely customizable modules.
  • Disable renaming and moving of users "home" folders.
  • Identify and indicate shared folders
  • Added ability to undo "Close Tab"
  • Added Closed tab history (can be used to open any of the previously closed tabs).
  • Added Dual Pane mode one-click copy/move functionality.
  • Added ability to invert selection.
  • Better indication of present and available menu items in the contextual/action menu preferences.
  • Separate "Remove from Dock" options for Finder and Trash icons.
  • Vastly improved column autoresizing in column view, if option is turned on.
  • Added menu item/keyboard shortcut to add selected items to the Sidebar.
  • Added support for more e-mail clients (AirMail, Mail Pilot and others)
  • Improved browsing and root focusing in the column view.
  • Fixed ignoring invisible files when compressing/archiving files.
  • Switching to and from the column view no longer resets columns (as in Finder).
  • Added ability to change Sidebar color in color editor.
  • Added QuickLook gesture (three fingers tap).
  • Added "Where from" file info.
  • "Sort by" toolbar item added to the main window toolbar.
  • "Tab Sets" toolbar item added to the main window toolbar.
  • "Drop Stack" item added to the main window toolbar (enables ability to use Drop Stack while sidebar is hidden)
  • Added "Close all Tabs" action in the tab contextual menu.
  • Greatly improved "Set as Default File Browser" functionality.
  • Path Finder now prevents the system going to sleep while long file operations are in progress.
  • Added ability to change the color of the Text Editor's background.
  • Sidebar sections can be moved and removed via drag and drop.
  • Favorite section now has drag and drop functionality.
  • Improved synchronization between Finder and Path Finder tags.
  • Improved registration functionality.
  • Licensing verification updates.
  • Updated graphics
  • Many other small tweaks, bug fixes, and UI refreshments.


OS X 10.7 or later


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