Pandoras Box 4.0.2 – Control Pandora from the menu bar.

Pandoras Box is a desktop Pandora client that streams your stations right from the menu bar. Create and edit stations, scrobble to, use your keyboard’s media keys, match songs in your iTunes library and more. Pandoras Box is the best way to listen to Pandora Radio on your Mac.


  • Works with free Pandora accounts.
  • Search for, add, rename and delete stations.
  • Stream Pandora radio and thumbs up/down songs.
  • Scrobble, love and ban tracks to your account.
  • Use your keyboard’s built-in media keys to control Pandora.
  • Match songs in your iTunes library, and increment their play counts..
  • Supports high-quality audio for paid Pandora subscribers.
  • Undo a thumbs up; repeat songs.
  • Display Growl notifications..
  • Tweet what’s playing.

Version 4.0.2:

  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Improves audio for Pandora One subscribers.
  • Fixes an issue where song playback would stall.

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