Pagico 7.1 – Manage tasks, notes, and files, and your projects and clients.

Pagico 7.1

Store and manage all your tasks, notes, files, projects and contacts in one easy-to-use app. Keeping everything organized and on-track is easier than ever.

Interactive Flowcharts
Its revolutionary flowchart intuitively presents all your schedule data without being overwhelming, helping you to easily and visually stay on track. With the brand-new Stats view, you can actually see how productive you have been, making your job a little more satisfying to do.

Forecast and Daily Planning
Take a look at the Dashboard screen, and you’ll have a clear sense of your upcoming schedule. Start your day from the Daily Planning section, which allows you to prioritize things for the current day, see all late or upcoming items, and reschedule items if necessary.

Manage files and notes along with tasks
Unlike other todo apps, Pagico manages notes and files as well! So you can create your action items, and drop in those related files. Making a road trip? Use the List feature to plan your stops, and drag in restaurant menus or visitor guides. Meeting a client? Import your design drafts right next to the design requirements.

Manage projects with powerful tagging support
With Pagico, you can easily manage all your projects and archive old stuff when necessary. Our innovative tag browser allows you to effortlessly navigate among your ocean of projects. Find any project with just a few clicks.

Manage your clients and cross-reference
Create contact profiles and manage contact-specific notes, tasks and even files (such as emails). Have a few clients connected to a project? You can easily create cross-link among them. In fact, Pagico allows you to cross-reference between anything: notes, tasks, files, projects and contacts!

Use Smart Collections to customize the way you see your data
Smart Collections are like smart playlists. Set one or more keywords, and it’ll include everything (tasks, notes, projects and contacts) in it automatically. GTD users would probably set up a few smart collections, such as @errands and @office, while we usually have @bugs for bug tracking and @improvements for feature wish lists.

Sync data via the cloud
Via the built-in Workspaces feature, you can easily and selectively share projects/contacts data with your other computers, and iOS devices. If you work with a small team, then you can use the Workspace feature to easily sync data and collaborate with your team.

Cross-platform compatible
Pagico for Desktop is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu. Do you have multiple personal computers? Simply install Pagico on all of them and set up a workspace to sync data among them.

What’s New

Version 7.1 (1780):

  • New: Word and letter count when you select a portion of text
  • New: The lock screen (with customizable background image) is now available for databases without passwords
  • Improved context menu for easier task creation (you can now right-click on a project in the projects list to create new tasks)
  • Improved Natural Language Parsing
  • In List item edit mode, a confirmation will be shown to prevent losing unsaved changes by accidentally pressing the ESC key
  • Greatly improved content listing performance in data containers (projects, contacts and inbox)
  • Improved the stability of workspace sync
  • Improved Daily Planning section with a small yet satisfying animation when you complete all your Today's items.
  • Improved the rendering of appointments in Dashboard
  • When switching to a container for a specific object, the object in question will be elegantly highlighted
  • Creating lists (instead of tasks) is easier in containers by using the individual "+" buttons
  • Improved the user experience in the New Task panel
  • Fixed the rendering of ampersand symbols in lists
  • Fixed a bug where the Show Hidden Items toggle may not appear as expected in some rare cases


OS X 10.7 or later


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