Overlay 3.60

A frame that allows you to have an image or even PDF displayed semi-transparently in front of everything. It enables you to copy, trace, or compare designs, images, and documents with ease since you can lock the frame and make it undisturbed by mouse gestures.

It’s a transparent overlay of an image or document on your screen that you can click through – like a transparent sticker on your screen.

Overlay is especially useful for artists, designers, and students as it allows you to make your art or design from or reference photos and screenshots.

What’s New

Version v3.60

  • bug fixed: crash after dragging & dropping some pictures on macOS 10.15.2 and above
  • option added: image in your pasteboard can be pasted directly as overlay with one click from File Menu
  • feature added: overlay picture will be resized and center displayed after resizing of the overlay window
  • feature added: zoom in & out is using the current center as the anchor point


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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