Osfoora for Twitter 1.1 – Clean and intuitive Twitter client.

Osfoora for Twitter is a powerful Twitter client with a clean and intuitive user interface. You’ll enjoy a wide set of powerful features such as Muting users, Read Later, Message Conversations, Multiple Accounts, and more.


  • Multiple accounts with multi-windows.
  • TweetMarker Support: Timeline syncing of reading position between different Twitter apps.
  • Inline picture thumbnails for popular services, e.g. Instapaper, Twitter, Yfrog, and more.
  • Mute users.
  • Mark Tweets belonging to specific users.
  • Attach multiple images/videos to tweets.
  • Image Services: Yfrog, TwitPic, Twitter, CloudApp, Imgly.
  • Set your own custom Image Upload end point (Must follow the TwitPic API and use JSON).
  • Video Services: TwitVid, Yfrog, TwitPic, CloudApp.
  • Read Later (Instapaper & Read It Later) with tweet attribution.
  • URL Shortening via CloudApp (Default is Twitter).
  • View/Subscribe to Twitter lists.
  • Access Twitter lists from user profiles (Lists they created, follow, or followed by)
  • Direct Messages with conversation view.
  • Search Twitter and view trends.
  • Flexible Font sizes (11pt – 20pt).
  • View users on Favstar, and Twitter websites.
  • Notifications via Growl and Dock Icon.
  • Edit your Twitter profile info.
  • Resizable Sidebar.
  • Robust Keyboard controls for navigation and popular tasks.
  • Other features such as Blocking users, Reporting Spam,


Version 1.1:

  • Enhanced Tweet Marker support. (Please support the Tweet Marker service by visiting http://tweetmarker.net and making a donation)
  • Fast “Go to User” option (shortcut: Command + U).
  • Switch account from within Compose window.
  • Global Hot Key for composing new tweets.
  • Better support for Arabic and Hebrew hashtags.
  • Direct Message from contextual menus.

Support for additional swipe gestures and keyboard shortcuts:

  • “Swipe Right” and “Arrow Right” on tweet now defaults to showing Conversations, then to Opening Links, then to User profile.
  • “Swipe Right” and “Arrow Right” in user profile brings up user’s recent tweets.
  • “Swipe Up/Down” and “Arrow Left” on Image preview closes the view.
  • Esc key now takes you back to the previous view, similar to swiping to the left.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Menu Bar icon now show and hides application properly.
  • Reply icon within tweets no defaults to “Reply All”. Additional users will be highlighted for easier editing.
  • When replying to a retweet, the retweeter is included within the reply.
  • Spell Checking now turned on.
  • If replies are not changed, no longer will you get the confirmation dialog for dismissing a tweet.
  • Reply shortcut from Messages view now defaults to new Direct Message.
  • Crash on empty Twitter accounts.
  • Mute settings no longer affect mentions and messages.
  • Fixed incorrect tweet selection in rare circumstances.
  • Allow for larger size window.
  • Fixed issue where menu bar icon is highlighted incorrectly.
  • Increased number of tweets loaded when Osfoora launches.

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