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Orion Markup 3.03 – Add image notes and annotations.

Appked/ Productivity/on 2017-02-03 09:01

Orion Markup 3.03

Orion Markup lets you express your thoughts and comments though images. It makes it easy to add notes, zoom-in bubbles, outlines boxes, lines, and arrows to images and screenshots.

Supports a full suite of annotation objects, including:

  • zoom bubbles: creates magnified versions of selected image regions
  • multiple sized outline boxes and text labels
  • hundreds of fonts and colors
  • lines of various patterns and thickness (solid, dashed, dotted)
  • tag-optional starting and ending arrows
  • boxes of various colors and sizes
  • fully resizable black-out boxes (for hiding sections of images that you do not wish to share)
  • fully resizable dim boxes (for darkening areas of the images, useful for indicating unimportant or non-significant sections)
  • fully resizable whiten blocks
  • useful predefined number tags (perfect for documenting instructions and steps in manuals)


Version 3.03:

  • improved rotation effects, now support manual entry of precise rotation angles
  • improved options for customizing data in table format


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor