OmniGraffle Pro 7.6 – Create diagrams, flow charts, and more.

OmniGraffle Pro 7.5

OmniGraffle Pro helps you draw beautiful diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts, layouts, and (mathematically speaking) any other directed or non-directed graphs. We’ve had people use Graffle to plan plotlines for a story, make an overview of an operating system, show the evolution of computers, and even show how diseases can spread in a closed population. If you want to organize your thoughts, your projects, or even your friends graphically, using boxes and lines, OmniGraffle is your tool.

OmiGraffle Professional has all of the great features in the standard version, plus a powerful toolset for advanced document creation and editing options. For the pro user who’s looking for an in-depth diagramming application that’s still priced below the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s New

Version 7.5:

  • Layer and Canvas Management via JavaScript - Added the ability to create, reorder, and delete layers and canvases with JavaScript.
  • Ungroup via JavaScript - Added an .ungroup() function to the JavaScript library.
  • Object Names in JavaScript - An object’s name is now exposed in the JavaScript API by calling .name on an instance of a Graphic.
  • Option + Shift to Duplicate on Axis - Holding down option and shift while dragging a selection duplicates the selection and constrains movement to either the horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Object Hierarchy when Copied as JavaScript - Copy as JavaScript no longer reverses the order of the selected items.
  • JavaScript Floating Point Precision Warning - Copy as JavaScript includes a header which warns that floating point values in the script may be rounded, resulting in minor visual differences from the original content.
  • JavaScript Plug-in Error Reporting - Errors encountered while loading JavaScript plug-ins are now reported in the console.
  • Updated Types in JavaScript - Updated the CanvasSizingMode (was autosizing) and .strokePattern to define their attributes as strings instead of numbers to be more human readable.
  • Copying Subgraphs as JavaScript - Copy as JavaScript will now emit the correct code to generate subgraphs, including any child objects that might be collapsed.
  • Subgraph collapse state in JavaScript - JavaScript code which assigns a value to a Subgraph’s .collapsed property will correctly use the value passed rather than just toggling the collapsed state.
  • JavaScript Access to Collapsed Subgraphs - JavaScript code has access to a new .subgraphics property on subgraphs, which can be used to access contained graphics even when the subgraph is collapsed.
  • Automation Stability - Fixed a crash when setting .blendColor on a Shape object in JavaScript.
  • Automation Stability - Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause a crash when creating a new group via JavaScript.
  • Copy as JavaScript Stability - Fixed a crash when using Copy as JavaScript on a multi-segment line.
  • Multi-line Text Copied as JavaScript - Copy as JavaScript now quotes property keys so that user data with spaces in their keys won’t cause a syntax error in the emitted JavaScript code.
  • Stop In-progress Edits Before Executing JavaScript - JavaScript code which changes the text of a shape will now stop any edits that are in progress rather than leaving the editor and the shape in an inconsistent state.
  • Preserving .text Attributes in JavaScript - JavaScript code which assigns text to a shape correctly preserves its existing .textHorizontalAlignment, .textSize, and .textColor properties.
  • AppleScript - AppleScript code which assigns plain text to a shape correctly preserves the current text alignment.
  • Reading .shape Attributes in JavaScript - JavaScript code which reads a graphic’s .shapeVertices or .shapeControlPoints no longer modifies that shape.
  • Automation Console Stability - Fixed a crash that would occur when using Undo in the Automation Console.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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