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Note-Ify Notes 1.43 – Simple Markdown based note-talking app.

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Note-Ify Notes 1.43

Note-Ify Notes is a simple Markdown based note-talking app. Write down ideas while you work. Keep a diary. Write memos and practice “freewriting”. Note-ify – universal notebook for all of your thoughts.

Key Features
  • Quick create notes from menu bar
  • Organaize notes by colors
  • Text formatting (Markdown format)
  • Full control from the keyboard
  • Activation by the hot key
  • Creating of notes from the search window
  • Folders to sort by topic
  • Favorite notes
  • Colors for visual organization
  • Sync your notes between devices
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Alt/Opt-Cmd-1, Alt/Opt-Cmd-2, Alt/Opt-Cmd-3 – move focus between folders, notes, and text
  • Shift-Cmd-n – create new flolder
  • Cmd-n – create new note
  • Backspace in the folder list – delete folder
  • Cmd-Backspace in the note list – delete note
  • Cmd-L – swatch to search boxenter – make a note from the search field
  • Cmd-Escape – move to the note list.


Version 1.43:

This update includes numerous bug fixes:
  • fixed - crash the application at start-up and writting notes
  • fixed - right click menu for the folder list
  • fixed - the settings window
  • fixed - the quick entry window notes (Drafs Pad)


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor