Nisus Writer Pro 3.0.4

Nisus Writer Pro is a powerful multilingual word processor, similar to its entry level products, but brings new features such as table of contents, indexing, bookmarks, widow and orphan control, cross references, line numbering, and text wrap around images.

Familiar Classic features are also on board, like attribute-sensitive find and replace, an upgraded Nisus macro language, and glossaries.

We have also improved a number of existing features. For example, we’ve added a variety of additional options to control the display of notes. Footnotes can now also span across pages.

What’s New

Version 3.0.4:

Highlighted Changes
  • Fixed: possible crashes when editing in Page View with footnotes or endnotes.
  • Fixed: replace all often fails to properly redraw the text on screen.
  • Fixed: the Language palette often fails to update automatically.
Other Changes
  • Fixed: the text insertion point can draws on an incorrect line in certain pagination scenarios.
  • Fixed: replace in search results list window incorrectly always warns that matches may have changed.
  • Fixed: opening documents with no prior saved selection or scroll location should scroll to the very top.
  • Fixed: list of longest sentences and largest images should be sorted by their size, not location.
  • Fixed: first click on a truncated tracked change button (eg: accept) should not expand the change.
  • Fixed: adjusting color preferences fails to properly redraw the screen.
  • Fixed: changing a palette's expanded/condensed mode is not saved.
  • Changed: improved cross-reference sample text for tables with empty cells.
  • Fixed: mail merge does not autofill split file name template.
  • Fixed: the language toolbar button is too narrow.
  • Fixed: if a tracked change is not wide enough to show the full "Reject" button, show a rewind symbol instead.
  • Fixed: Formatting Examiner palette should not show "note reference" for selections inside the note text area.
  • Fixed: clicking the Language palette to activate a document should never edit the document.
  • Changed: don't encode the “revtbl” control in RTF files if there aren't any tracked changes.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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