Nisus Writer Pro 3.0.2

Nisus Writer Pro is a powerful multilingual word processor, similar to its entry level products, but brings new features such as table of contents, indexing, bookmarks, widow and orphan control, cross references, line numbering, and text wrap around images.

Familiar Classic features are also on board, like attribute-sensitive find and replace, an upgraded Nisus macro language, and glossaries.

We have also improved a number of existing features. For example, we’ve added a variety of additional options to control the display of notes. Footnotes can now also span across pages.

What’s New

Version 4.0.2:

Highlighted Changes
  • Page View should not show instabilities in the scrollbar position and page count during editing.
  • Updated the DOC/DOCX file converter to use the LibreOffice version 6.1.5 code base. - Fixed: floating text boxes could fail to import from DOC/DOCX files if they were encoded a certain way. - Fixed: imported automatically sized floating text boxes display incorrectly if the text box contains a table.
  • Several optimizations and fixes to improve responsiveness when working in files with many or large tables.
  • Typing over specially marked text (bookmarks, comments, links, or indexing) will preserve or expand the marking instead of removing it.
  • Exported PDFs will now encode custom page numbering/format in PDF metadata.
  • Added: the menu Copy New Cross-Reference works if the selection exactly encloses any valid target
(eg: note number, TOC heading, etc) even if it doesn't already have a bookmark.
  • Added table menu commands to control most aspects of table cell borders and shading.
  • Fixed: the Find All results list window is not sorted correctly by document content location.
  • Fixed: section column balancing can incorrectly partially obscure lines of text or reserve too much whitespace.
  • Fixed: worked around an Apple bug that incorrectly flags words as misspelled on Mojave.
  • Fixed: printouts and PDFs of documents with mixed/rotated paper orientations display incorrectly.
  • Added: new menu command Paste Raw Text Only will paste the source's plain text without any kind of processing or conversion.
  • Fixed: several issues when displaying numeric values in the palettes and elsewhere: - numeric values could incorrectly use unlocalized decimal and grouping characters (comma vs period). - a numeric value should be accepted even if the unit lacks a space (eg: "3in" instead of "3 in"). - the Escape key in a palette's text field should abort the edit even if the current input text is invalid. - different units should show a different amount of decimal digits.
  • Fixed: decimal tab stops should use the localized separator character appropriate for the applied language.
  • Fixed: date and time stamps don't use correct localization.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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