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Music Binder Pro 3.1 – Music sheets organizer and Music Player designed for live performance.

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Music Binder Pro

Music sheets organizer and Music Player designed for live performance.


1. Basic

– Support PDF and Chordpro files
– Quickly sort your songs by Title or Artist
– Embedded Chordpro editor
– Transpose (Chordpro files only)
– Add notes to songs
– Record Time Markers (page changes, message, note, MIDI events)
– Use Tabs to create Setlists or Collections
– Visual Metronome (in sync on all screens).
– Messages and Notes can be sent to any screen
– Gestures and some keys can be customized
– Support of Bluetooth external keyboards and foot controllers (example:AirTurn BT-105)
– Keyboard Shortcuts (no mouse or trackpad are required during live performance)

2. Quick Search

– Retrieve ANY song in only 1 second.
– Always in Search mode : No need to activate a search field.
– The search is always performed on all songs even if a tab is selected.
– Do a special request and quickly go back to your setlist.

3. Quick Filter

– Quickly display a song list according to an existing Tag or any keyword
– Quickly list songs from the same artist as the current song
– Quickly list songs havng the same tempo as the current song
– Quickly list songs that have already been played

4. Tags Assignments

– Manage your tags
– Assign tags to your songs
– Massive tags assignments (add tag to multiple songs in a single operation)
– Automatically add tags using filenames
– Automatically add tags using folder name

5. Setlists and Collections

– Create Setlists (list of songs that you intend to play during your next performance)
– Create Collections (list of songs having common properties, example:Country songs)
– Setlist Import

6. Playback (using iTunes)

– Music Binder Pro automatically match the corresponding songs in your iTunes library
– Use Genre to specify the playback prority (original, cover, backing track,…)
– Three Pages Mode (display the third page over the first page when the time marker Page 2 Bottom is reached)
– A single song in Music Binder Pro can be used to play multiple versions in iTunes

7. Fully Customize your Display

– Object Inspector (customize properties and colors of windows and objects)
– Multiple display modes (2 pages, 1 page, half page zoom)
– Multiple windows support

Example: Display 3 Pages on a Single Screen
Example: Display 4 Pages on 2 Screens
Example: Display Lyrics to the Audience

Available window objects: Title,Artist,Progress,Next Song Title,Note,Track Time,Remaining Track Time,Tempo,Metronome

– Summary Window (title,artist,tempo,metronome and note)

The Summary window is usefull for other band member who not needs chords and lyrics.

8. Alternate Versions

– Manage multiple versions for each songs
– Display music sheets (master or alternate versions) to other musicians
– Other musicians can control their own page changes


– MIDI In/Out
– MIDI Event Library
– MIDI Triggers (assign actions to received MIDI events)

Available actions: Previous/Next Page, Song or Tab, Play/Stop, Go to, Message, Start/Stop Metronome, Select Genre and many others.

Example: Use a MIDI Footswitch to scroll pages or control playback
Example: Use a MIDI keyboard to Open/Play Songs
Example: Control an External App using MIDI
Example: Use a Guitar Pedalboard to Scroll Pages
Example: Display status of your effect processor


Version 3.1

  • Syntax Highlighting in ChordPro Editor
  • Bug Fixes


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor