Movist 1.2.3 – Media player with a high-quality caption feature and more.

Movist 1.2.3
Movist is a movie player for Mac OS X based on QuickTime and FFmpeg.

  • Supports QuickTime and FFmpeg
  • Customizable high quality caption
  • Supports smi, srt format captions
  • Playlist support
  • Media playback control
  • Full screen control panel
  • Simple user interface
  • Universal binary

What’s New

Version 1.2.3:

  • Fixed long launching time when network drives in Accessible Folders are disconnected.
  • Fixed adding folder with same prefix of name to Accessible Folders.
  • Fixed saving screenshot because of App Sandbox.
  • Fixed navigation in 10.6.
  • Fixed no sound when default audio equalizer is set in preferences.
  • Fixed go-to-first and repeat-one in some movies.
  • Fixed last-play-position when "Keep Current Movie Settings" is on.
  • Fixed skip-beginning when "Keep Current Movie Settings" is on.
  • Fixed embedded SubRip subtitles in some .mkv.
  • Fixed incorrect color of some VobSub subtitles.
  • Fixed shortcut removal in OS X 10.7 or later.
  • Fixed window state when exit full screen of other space in Lion full-screen.
  • Fixed file closing when window is closed.
  • Fixed no video when open a movie file while window is in Dock.
  • Fixed record when "Note Recent Document" is never.
  • Supported accurate seeking in FFmpeg.
  • Supported previous step in FFmpeg.
  • Enhanced screenshot file naming.
  • Enhanced track info display.
  • Added video filter preset.
  • Added "Show App Sandbox alert" option in preferences.
  • Added "Show Accessible Folders..." button in App-Sandbox alert.
  • Added "Show auto-alert when playlist ended" option in preferences.
  • Added "Use volume extension" option in preferences.
  • Added "Change detailed volume" option in preferences.
  • and more bugs fixed & enhancements.


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later


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