MotionArtist 1.2.1 – most complete and easy-to-use animation tool designed specifically for creating motion comics.


MotionArtist is the most complete and easy-to-use animation tool designed specifically for creating motion comics. Your comics will come alive with animated panels, text and word balloons. Add depth to your scenes and other complex effects to make them even more dynamic. Export to HTML5 to easily share your project on the web and with friends!

***Imagine it***

Anything is possible with MotionArtist. Stunning interactive comics and presentations infused with captivating visual effects and animations. Envision your stories with action and motion like never before!

***Create it***

Import photos, audio, layered Photoshop files, Anime Studio and Manga Studio animations, and 3D rendered Poser figures. Utilize an advanced camera and dramatic 3D parallax effects to set the stage for amazing interactive presentations. Set interactive cues and export to HTML5 for a revolutionary web experience.

***Move it***

MotionArtist has some of the easiest, most powerful animation tools in the biz. The Motion Assist feature makes animating your comics and presentations straightforward and intuitive. Just point, drag, and click and you’re creating motion in seconds. Bring your stories to life!

***Share it***

Spread your motion art all over the web, Facebook, and YouTube. Export to ANY HTML-capable webpage, instantly export videos of your stories to share on Facebook and YouTube, and distribute your comics to smartphones and tablet users everywhere!

√Massive Workspace
Director’s view gives you a 10,000ft view of your entire project, while Panel view lets you adjust each element of your comic to the smallest detail. Organize, storyboard, and animate your whole project from above!

√Motion Assist™
Motion Assist™ is a new powerful, easy and intuitive way to animate. Just point, click and drag your object where you want it, when you want it. Go back and adjust your animation on the fly! Motion Assist helps beginners create advanced visual effects instantly without any animation background and makes it easy to make complex animations for the web or videos!

√HTML5 Interactivity
Create fully interactive presentations of your comics and ideas. Link urls, video, audio, and images. Embed your project directly into a web page or add it to existing HTML content. Create custom interactive element to click or tap! Playback your content on most smartphones and tablet browsers. Utilize everything advanced HTML5 has to offer and create stunning visuals to display all over the web!

√Presentation Mode
Automatically arrange images or pictures with an automatic camera to instantly create compelling slideshows and presentations. Gather multiple pictures and scatter throughout the art board for an easy to create slideshow of your favorite images. Add HTML5 interactivity for a complete, immersive presentation experience.

√Automatically arrange in 3D with advanced camera options
Use the advanced camera to pan, zoom and track through motion and visual effects. Instantly bring your layered files to life with a smooth “Parallax” effect. Just pan the camera over your work to give your project a 3D feel. Awesome for giving comic pages and images 3d motion in seconds.

What’s New

Version 1.2.1

  • MotionArtist 1.2 now has the ability to upload the final project to a hosted web service, MotionArtist.TV. The user must have a valid account with to be able to upload their projects to the Smith Micro hosted service.
  • Updated to latest media plugins.
  • Added "Arrange in 3D" to "Arrange" menu and added ability to Arrange all selected objects in 3D.
  • "AutoCamera" now initiates at the current frame.
  • "AutoCamera" no longer removes Keyframes between uses. User needs to clear camera after current frame to reset the camera animation.
  • Added "AutoCamera" submenu in the Arrange menu. Added option: "AutoCamera with pause points."
  • Scatter and Grid can now be applied to objects contained within panels (while in panel view).
  • Scatter and Grid can now be animated.
  • Added Scatter and Grid Windows. Added functionality for scatter distance, scatter rotations, and randomness. Added range for scatter and grid, which adds stop points for the scatter animation at the beginning and end (the current frame). Not selecting a start frame only adds stop points at the end of the scatter animation.
  • Objects in timeline now display their locked/unlocked and visible/notvisible state.
  • Many other improvements!


OS X 10.6.8 or later


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