Moom 2.4 – Versatile window manager.

Moom allows you to move and zoom windows — using either the mouse or the keyboard — to predefined locations and sizes, or to full screen mode.

When used via the mouse, all you need to do is hover over a green resize button, and Moom’s interface appears. When used via the keyboard, press your defined shortcut, and the Moom keyboard bezel appears; you can then move windows using the arrow keys and modifier keys.

Moom can be run as a traditional application, a menu bar application, or a completely faceless background application.

Version 2.4:New Features:

  • Custom controls can now be chained together, so they run sequentially with just one Moom invocation.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Reorganized Moom’s menu bar menu to put often-used commands near the top.
  • Moom now checks if it’s hidden at launch, and asks the user to unhide if that’s the case.
  • Fixed a timing issue related to bringing windows in saved layouts to the foreground. (Hat tip to Boone S. for finding this one.)
  • Fixed an issue that affected some windows with attached sheets. (Hat tip to Andy K. for finding this one.)
  • Changed the way grid resize and spacing settings interact. (Hat tip to Dominik W. for the suggestion.)

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