MoneyWell 2.1.1 – Unique personal finance manager & budgeting app.

MoneyWell 2.1.1Since 2007, MoneyWell has been the favorite budgeting app for people looking to make a real change in their financial futures. We spent months poring over what was great about MoneyWell and what could be made even better. Below are just some of the cool new features for 2012.

Feature Summary:

  • Built for OS X 10.7 – full-screen support, auto restore, auto save, and more
  • Redesigned Interface – cleaner, more informative, and easier on the eyes
  • Event-based Budgeting – build your spending plan faster and more accurately
  • Intelligent Bucket Fill – one click and your buckets are filled
  • Interactive Reports – dynamic, on-screen reports
  • Quick Filters – new filter bars give you faster searches with more focus
  • Smart Filters – create and name filters as reusable transaction searches
  • Transaction Tags – create tags to track transactions and use as report breakouts
  • Investment Support – track your individual stocks and your portfolio
  • Repeating Transactions – new repeat options are more flexible than ever
  • Calendars – new pop-up calendars for clickable date entry
  • Faster Sync – updated MoneyWell for iPhone sync to be faster and more reliable

Event-based Budgeting

We think MoneyWell’s new event-based budgeting will revolutionize the way you control your spending. Simply create a list of events that tell MoneyWell how you spend your money and let it build your budget. For example, your Dining Out bucket can have one event for your weekday espresso, another for lunch three days a week, and a third event for date night with your spouse once a month. MoneyWell takes care of the calculations and setting aside income for these events.

Having your spending plan broken up into events also makes budget revisions easier. If your electric bill rises, simply adjust that one event. Forget a birthday? Just add a new event. Pay off a loan? Remove an event. The guesswork behind your budget amounts disappears.

Powerful, Refined Interface

MoneyWell’s single-window design was a good start to eliminating the typical clutter of other finance apps, but we’ve taken a critical eye to our own app and have created what we think is a thing of beauty. Even though we added dozens of major features, you wouldn’t know it by looking at MoneyWell. MoneyWell 2 gives you incredibly flexible filtering and search tools to find long forgotten transactions or to focus on specific content for reporting.

Clean Visuals for Budgeting and Banking

MoneyWell is designed to hold thousands of transactions, but information is useless unless it’s easy to understand. Every view has been designed to present your banking and budgeting details in a clear and concise manner. Graphs are available for nearly every list to give you the big picture. Headers above each list give summary information along with quick totals for selections. Every visual has been crafted to help you see exactly what you need right where you are.

Interactive Reports

MoneyWell was designed to give you great financial feedback in every view, but when you need to share information with others, reports are a great tool. With our 2.0 release, you can create and save reports that have different content, totals, groupings, date ranges and watch the report change as you adjust these settings. Zoom in and review them in the main window or go old school and print a paper copy.

Unlimited Smart Filters

Smart filters are saved searches based on criteria you set up. If you do a quick search using the filter bar in MoneyWell, you can save that as a smart filter with a single click. You can also create a smart filter from scratch by just adding rules to the filter.

Want to filter your transaction list to all withdrawals last year with a “vacation” tag? No problem. How about filtering to all transactions assigned to dining tagged as “business expense” with an amount over $20? Easy. Add as many smart filters as you’d like with any combination of conditions based on date, payee, memo, amount, tags, and more. These work for every view and report giving you complete control over what you see.

Best-in-Class Currency Support

No other finance app allows you to record a transaction in one currency, store it in an account register in a second currency, and assign it to a budget bucket in a third. Only MoneyWell gives you the flexibility to keep your budget in check no matter where you live or travel.

When you set the currency on your transaction, MoneyWell automatically looks up the exchange rate based on the currency of your selected account. If your bucket has a third currency, it does the same for that.

Since exchange rates are rarely perfect, MoneyWell also allows you to set the exact amounts for all three currencies and keeps those stored within each transaction.

Built for OS X 10.7

MoneyWell 2 was designed to take advantage of the OS X improvements in OS X 10.7. We think Apple has really outdone itself with Lion by adding Full-Screen Apps, Resume, Auto Save, Versions, and Gestures–all features supported by MoneyWell.

What’s New

Version 2.1.1:

  • Improved security holding popover to allow manual and automatic price updates
  • Improved transaction editing amount and bucket fields with keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved cash flow search filter by including original payee and memo
  • Improved sort on Reconcile view to use reconciled date
  • Improved control over creation of Favorites by adding a user-preference
  • Improved amount entry to ignore common currency characters
  • Improved selection of accounts used for Duplicates view after importing
  • Improved reconciled running balance calculations to be more consistent
  • Improved lookup of current price on imported securities (OFX and QIF)
  • Improved amount calculator to handle percentage calculations
  • Improved display of split children when filtered to a bucket group
  • Improved support for Shift key during startup to skip opening any documents
  • Improved Download to active an import for offline accounts
  • Improved horizontal spacing on Spending Plan compact list view
  • Improved restore of document layout to work with or without OS X Restore activated
  • Improved support for custom investment security symbols
  • Improved update of security price during a new investment transaction
  • Fixed errors when browsing document versions
  • Fixed "Document changed by another application" and other autosave errors
  • Fixed editing of smart filters with tests for split children
  • Fixed account and bucket order in smart filter editor
  • Fixed refresh of graph and header when transaction bucket assignment changes
  • Fixed smart filter to show split children properly
  • Fixed status mismatch on split parents and children
  • Fixed scheduled transaction amount refresh on type change
  • Fixed order of transactions in a bucket to show proper running balance
  • Fixed inconsistent stock symbol lookup on transaction entry
  • Fixed extraneous console log entries during amount entry
  • Fixed Fill Buckets to show proper required amount even when no income is available
  • Fixed autocomplete on investment security ticker entry
  • Fixed loss of decimals on amount and formula entry when using commas
  • Fixed OFX import of mutual funds to assign proper quantity on the last transaction
  • Fixed exception error on Favorites view when a security was selected
  • Fixed date format on Reconcile view
  • Fixed new document guide to finish when accounts are imported
  • Fixed graph height to shrink when window height is too small
  • Fixed Spending Plan refresh issues (buckets and header)
  • Fixed compact Cash Flow list to show date properly for bucket transfers
  • Fixed bucket running balances to use the account order in the source list
  • Fixed duplicate investment security symbols during manual entry
  • Fixed crash on Reconcile view when using the compact list style
  • Fixed several import issues including creation of new accounts
  • Fixed duplicate checking to only review selected import accounts
  • Fixed fill dates on non-repeating events
  • Fixed compact Favorites list to hide unused values
  • Fixed Update Similar Transactions to avoid assigning buckets to split transactions
  • Fixed initial bucket optional flag setting on accounts
  • Fixed Spending Plan filters
  • Fixed Download to ignore hidden accounts
  • Fixed buckets with missing currency codes
  • Fixed Transfers smart filter to exclude bucket transfers
  • Fixed lockup on editing a transaction
  • Fixed failure to update type when favorite was applied to a scheduled transaction
  • Fixed disabled New Bucket Transfer menu command when no buckets were selected
  • Fixed sorting to use account and bucket description
  • Fixed sorting to be case-insensitive for memo, account, and bucket names
  • Fixed assignment of favorite to add tags to new transactions
  • Fixed bucket optional flag on newly created scheduled transactions
  • Fixed display of check number on list for non-check transactions
  • Fixed restore of Cash Flow filter of transaction status
  • Fixed hidden check reference field when editing multiple checks
  • Fixed payee autocomplete to use favorites in alphabetical order
  • Fixed alignment of amounts on events that had no bucket assigned
  • Fixed running balance graph to show proper values when filtered to a group
  • Fixed duplicate split children display when filtered by a smart filter
  • Fixed merging transactions to update all the amounts properly
  • Fixed lingering bucket assignment on favorites with no bucket option enabled
  • Fixed restore of Filters settings
  • Fixed visuals and text on Filter Status Bar
  • Fixed refresh of Cash Flow view when empty group is selected
  • Fixed refresh of Cash Flow header when source list item names are changed
  • Fixed refresh of Cash Flow header when multiple items or groups are selected
  • Fixed Source list so it stops moving items around when groups are present
  • Fixed refresh of events after dragging to change priority
  • Fixed persistence of Reconcile view column layout
  • Fixed persistence of Spending Plan view column layout
  • Fixed crash after sync reset
  • Fixed selection of "All Transactions" for View > Show All command
  • Fixed repeating transaction type pop-ups in Info panel
  • Fixed a crash running MoneyWell when sync is active
  • Fixed source list icons to display properly on high-def displays
  • Fixed loss of focus when using Edit Next and Edit Previous transaction commands
  • Fixed disappearing transactions when added with a quick or smart filter active
  • Fixed flipping of equal and not equal when editing split child smart filter
  • Fixed refresh of Cash Flow list when smart filters are edited
  • Removed capitalized import formatting


Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.7 or later


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