Moneydance 2017.7.1 – Personal finance manager.

Moneydance 2017.7.1

Moneydance is a full-featured personal financial management application that includes features such as online banking, online bill payment, investment management, budget tracking, scheduled transactions, check printing, detailed graphs, reports and much more. Moneydance’s easy-to-use interface sets it apart from other financial software.

  • Online Banking – Moneydance can automatically download transactions and send payments online from hundreds of financial institutions. Moneydance learns how to automatically categorize and clean up downloaded transactions.
  • Account Graphing – Use the graphing tool to generate visual reports of your income and expenses. Set the graph type, the date range, and any specific settings for the type of graph you desire. Pop-up balloons display more information about the data being graphed as you move the mouse pointer over different regions of the screen. Graphs can also be printed or exported to image image files.
  • Reminders and Scheduled Transactions – Transactions and notes can be easily scheduled to remind you when they are coming up or are past due.
  • Account Register – This is used to enter, edit, and delete transactions in an account. It is visually similar to a paper checkbook register, except the calculation of balances and sorting of transactions is all done automatically. Entering transactions is easier with the payee auto-complete feature; this reduces the number of keystrokes necessary for entering many similar transactions.

What’s New

Version 2017.7.1:

  • Fix syncing bug that caused Moneydance to re-download changes since the last local save. This speeds up file loading, syncing, and prevents the data from jumping around shortly after launch
  • Improved finding and filtering of similar previous transactions when showing match and merge options for unconfirmed downloaded transactions
  • QIF file importer now uses a security’s relative base currency when importing security prices and has improved logic for when historical prices are imported or ignored in favor of more recent existing prices
  • Fixed budget calculation of un-budgeted transactions when a category is budgeted in some but not all time periods
  • Importing a security’s history in the current/historical price window now interprets prices based on the relative currency set
  • Automatic updating of a security’s price from transaction entry now correctly translates from non-base currency investment accounts
  • API/model change to preserve more specific investment transaction types (buy, sell, div, divreinv, dirxfr, short, cover, etc instead of combining them into buy/sell, dividend, short/cover, etc)
  • Add ability for security and currency histories to be manually imported with more flexible headers (including Alphavantage CSV files)
  • Fixed bug that prevented wildcard imports of Moneydance classes from Python scripts
  • Re-enabled as-you-type price and amount updating when changing existing investment transactions
  • Fixed connection problems with Fidelity Investments and Country Bank for Savings
  • Fixed graphical glitch when collapsing or expanding sub-accounts on the summary screen
  • Suppress redundant pushes to mobile sync folder (and the resulting notifications, which alas are a bug that must be fixed on the Dropbox side)
  • Fix layout of portfolio panel when returning to the portfolio view from a different view


OS X 10.7 or later


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