mocha Pro 5.2 – Tracking and rotoscoping plug-in.

Mocha Pro is the new application of visual effects developed by Imagineer Systems which reflects the experience of over 8 years of engineering research and development.

Mocha Pro is a complete program, and includes tools for tracking planar and rotoscoping found in the award-winning mocha application adds compositing tools for correspondence of movement between the inserted elements and elements of the recorded material removal automatic cables or other unwanted elements, the generation of clean funds, the distortion correction and optical image stabilization, to provide visual effects solution all in one.

Salient features:

• Planar Tracker and rotoscoping
• Removing objects
• Correction of optical distortion
• Inserting elements
• Mesh Deformer distortions adjusted
• Export information track displaced in 2D and 3D
• OpenEXR Support
• automatic image reconstruction from the stabilization module
• Optimized for 64-bit (30% faster than mokey and monet)
• Export to RotoPaint Nuke
• Included at no additional cost, plug-ins mocha shape for Final Cut Pro and After Effects


OS X 10.7 or higher


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