Mischief 2.0.1 – Drawing app with infinite definition and canvas.


Mischief is an intuitive sketching, drawing, and painting app unlike any other. Mischief uses a revolutionary new stroke representation. Get the richness of pixel-based brushes AND the scalability of vectors. Zoom in to any size and get a perfect edge. Export at any size and resolution. Mischief has a truly infinite canvas. Your artwork can grow organically without constraints. There is no need to preset paper sizes or resolutions or to resize the canvas during drawing. Mischief handles a zoom range of 50 trillion to one. Create artwork with extraordinary levels of detail or draw a story, within a story, within a story … the possibilities are endless.

What’s New

Version 2.0.1:

Important Changes
  • Toolbar is now moveable.
  • Users will now be prompted when a new version is available.
  • Shortcut Key images updated in Help > Shortcut Keys.
  • Stability enhancement.
Bug Fixes
  • Some occurrences of Error 1001 fixed so data will no longer be lost.
  • Layer opacity bug where opacity changed when clicking off layer now fixed.
  • Import Image shortcut key is now working.
  • In Mischief-Free, if a .art file with a paper from the paid version is loaded in, Mischief-Free no longer gets stuck always using that paper.
  • Paper panel can now be closed using the ‘x’ and will keep the users selection.


OS X 10.8 or later


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