Mira 1.5.0 – Control any app with the Apple Remote.

Mira 1.5.0

With Mira, you can free yourself from the keyboard to streamline your activities. Take control of yor music from across the room, flip through a presentation in front of an audience, or sit back and relax with a movie. Uses for the Apple Remote are limited only by your imagination.

Mira includes built-in support for over 100 applications, new ones can be given their own specific actions in a few seconds with virtually no learning curve and no additional software or plugins to download or install. The Apple Remote can be used on any Mac using Mira and a supported IR receiver like Twisted Melon’s Manta Mini. It automatically detects which application is running and matches it with the correct personal settings. If you know how to use your favorite applications with a keyboard, you can make them work with the Apple Remote.

  • A versatile (and giant) Launch Menu, that you can see across the room, lets you decide what appears inside it and what it should look like.
  • DuoPress Actions supporting short and long press of every button on the Apple Remote for two times the control possibilities. It also supports different actions depending on application state (e.g., DVD Player menu vs. playback)
  • Keystroke sending to foreground or any specific application, transparent AppleScript launching, special system commands including volume control and more actions to give you truly “Personal Control.”

What’s New

Version 1.5.0:

  • Support for new Manta Mini IR Receiver (now shipping)
  • Larger Pref Pane window with updated controls and language
  • Full Retina Graphics support
  • Simplified and more visible Mira icon inside System Preferences
  • Display Sleep/Wake actions (DuoPress) (OS X 10.9 or later recommended)
  • Support for OpenPHT (Community-driven fork of Plex)
  • Support for mpv media player
  • Support for Capture One Pro 9
  • Support for GarageBand (Latest versions)
  • Support for Final Cut Pro X (Latest versions)
  • Support for Movist
  • Support for LilyView
  • Support for Xee³
  • More default apps in Launch Menu for new installations
  • Securely signed installer for MacOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Revised Global profile
  • Revised iTunes support
  • Revised Keynote support
  • Revised Kodi support
  • Revised Plex support
  • Revised iTunes support
  • Revised Photo Booth support
  • Revised Vox support
  • Revised Fidelia support
  • Revised Decibel support


OS X 10.6 or later


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