Mindjet MindManager 10.6.113 – Professional mind-mapping and project-management.

Mindjet MindManager 10.6.113

MindManager is a mind mapping solution for OS X that helps you transpose your ideas into well-organized charts. This way you can efficiently record brainstorming sessions with your team and develop strategies with ease.

Mind mapping solution featuring built-in templates

To help you get started, MindManager comes with a collection of predesigned map templates suitable for various types of projects: communication, personal productivity, project management, strategy, or team productivity.

Naturally, you can also start projects from scratch and begin developing new structures with the same ease. Most of the MindManager map drawing tools can be accessed either via the top app toolbar or by using the contextual menu associated with each element.

Create mind maps to organize your ideas and develop project strategies

Within the MindManager canvas area you get to easily create topics and subtopics, to establish boundaries or relationships between them, to insert notes, images, hyperlinks, or attach any document.

Moreover, MindManager can integrate with the default OS X Contacts, Calendar, and Reminder applications, so for each item included in your map you can create a calendar event, set a reminder, or even make it into a smart calendar topic.

MindManager also plays well with other third party solutions: the mind map projects can be exported to file formats compatible with Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. The utility can also save the data to popular image formats, web compatible documents, or text files.

The MindManager projects can also be uploaded to the Mindjet Cloud for easy sharing or synchronization between devices.

Versatile software solution for keeping track of your team brainstorming sessions

All in all, MindManager has everything you need to record or share your ideas with team members or customers. The app allows you to create well-organized maps, and you can export the data to various file formats for easy sharing.

What’s New

Version 10.6.113:

Universal File Export
  • Export to an interactive HTML5 file, which can be shared and viewed on any modern browser.
  • Viewers can navigate within the map, open and close branches, access links, attachments and
  • view topic notes, pan and zoom, search for information and more.
New Images in the Image Library and Updated Template Library
  • Add visual flair to your topics with over 700 new topic images, which can be easily resized without losing quality.
  • The default sizes of the images are larger (52x52) in MindManager 10.5 and allow you to scale to the maximum resolution of 192x192 without losing image quality.
  • We’ve added new categories too, including Design & Engineering, Science & Medical, Transportation, Food, Holidays, and more. You can still access images from the previous version in the Legacy category. MindManager’s templates have also been updated with images from the new image library.
  • Updated the interface to bring forward the most commonly used features and place them on the main toolbar to make it faster and easier for you to build your maps.
  • Topic Quick Add, an optional feature set in MindManager’s preferences that creates blue frame around your selected topic with plus arrows in the different directions. Hit the plus sign and new topics will appear in the direction of your choice, creating a parent topic, a sibling topic or a child topic.


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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