Merlin 2.9.1 – Project management software.

Merlin 2.9.1Merlin is the only native network-based collaborative Project Management solution for Mac OS X.

This version offers many features propelling Merlin to the top of Mac OS X professional project management software.

Here are some of the main highlights in Merlin 2:

  • Merlin has now a Web module which is included in this version of Merlin. The following browsers are supported: Safari 3, Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Merlin now supports special OS X 10.7 features like full screen and restoring last edited files.
  • Network-based Collaborative Project Management
    Collaborate with others on the same project file over the LAN or WAN with a single mouse click.
  • Access Control for Users and User Groups
    Resources can be either single Users or grouped into Resource Groups both of which can be assigned to activities and/or given specific access rights.
  • Dynamic Planning Mode
    Activities which haven’t started yet can be automatically moved to the current date. This is great news for devotees of Agile Project Management.
  • Bi-directional Synchronization with iCal
    Changes in Merlin are reflected in iCal and vice versa. You can also sync specific resources in a separate calendar.
  • Enhanced Financial and Cost Models
    You can now compare planned vs. actual costs with the ability to determine accruals per cost entry.

What’s New

Version 2.9.1:

  • Both, Merlin and Merlin Server are distributed from now on in a zipp'ed archive.
  • The classic report offers now an option to show a project column. By default the switch is off.
  • Merlin Server would not always update the project's objective in the projects list.
  • Very long projects (25+ years) were not displayed in Merlin Web.
  • The exclusive access lock icon would not show up when editing remote projects in OS X 10.8.
  • In some rare cases the master project could not be modified once saved.
  • The sorting of the WBS was not always correct.
  • In some cases, iPhone or Web publishing would not start.
  • Under some special access permissions, project saving would fail.
  • CVS import did not work properly.
  • An issue with the code signing & certification is fixed.
  • Fixed some translation issues and typos.
  • The German and English help files are updated.


Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4.11 or later


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