Marked 2.4.8 – Open multiple file types as rendered HTML documents.

Marked 2.4.8
Marked is an app which allows you to preview your Markdown (in any flavor) as you write in your favorite text editor. It tracks your file changes and updates the preview as you go, even automatically scrolling to the point in the file where you’re currently working. Version 1 is a solid application, but version 2 expands the feature set greatly. Marked 2 includes a rewrite of the file watching system for speed and accuracy. It speeds up just about every part of the app, making it even easier to get your work done without worrying about how it’s going to look or waiting for your preview to update.

What’s New

Version 2.4.8:

  • New:
    • iThoughtsX support!
    • options to exclude elements from word count/readability stats
      • block quotes
      • indented code/poetry blocks (fenced code always ignored)
      • footnotes/citations
    • option to automatically validate all urls in document when updating
      • only displays if there are errors
    • Option to remove square brackets from MMD footnote markers
    • Native OPML support
      • Open OPML files directly in Marked 2
      • Save Markdown documents to OPML
    • Outline mode
      • Display OPML outlines and lists (such as iThoughtsX exports) as APA or Decimal outlines
      • Set file extensions to automatically enable Outline Mode on
  • Improved:
    • "Show only invalid links" preference is now persistent
    • Better feedback while compiling Scrivener documents
    • Fully clear URL cache on update so that remote resources will refresh
    • Document progress bar is less jumpy during scroll on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
    • Improved navigation of highlighted keywords using [,] and {,}
    • Cmd-E (Open in Editor) opens iThoughtsX when viewing an .itmz file
    • Updated styling in error messages
    • CriticMarkup improvements
      • choose which version of the document to use in any export (markup, original, edited)
      • Improved word counts and update speed when switching
    • URL handler improvements
      • open command accepts frame settings and x-success urls for callbacks
      • improved handling of urls with only filenames
    • Speed and memory improvements
      • load time
      • render time
      • document statistics/readability processing
    • Better file deletion notification handling
    • updates changed images in place without refresh if it's the only thing that's changed
    • improved background text statistic generation
  • Fixed:
  • Crasher on file attribute change notification
  • Table of Contents typeahead filtering
  • Visual artifacts/crash on window close after export
  • Memory leaks
  • Sandboxing permissions improvements
  • Collapsible headlines overreaching higher level headers
  • Hiding the edit marker wasn't doing that
  • visual glitches and jankiness on sroll
  • Unresponsive file watcher on some systems
  • Fix word/readability stats display
  • Fixes for back/fwd scroll navigation
  • Fixes for doc progress positioning
  • Fixes for link validation popup
  • YAML->MMD converter
  • notification throttling for file changes


OS X 10.7 or later


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