Marked 1.4 – Open multiple file types as rendered HTML documents

Marked opens MultiMarkdown, Markdown, Text or HTML files and previews them as HTML documents. It watches the file for changes, updating the preview any time the file is saved. With a full set of customization options and preview styles, Marked adds an ideal “live” Markdown preview to any text editor.

Markdown (John Gruber) is a plain-text formatting syntax that you can use anywhere you can type. Many applications are becoming aware of it, and Marked helps you make it work everywhere. Marked uses MultiMarkdown (Fletcher Penney), a superset that adds additional capabilities including metadata, tables and footnotes.

You can also use a custom processor with Marked, making it compatible with any form of Markdown or even other languages such as Textile.

What’s New

Version 1.4: Fixed

  • Window level for floated windows too high
  • Add ? as a keyboard nav help trigger
  • revamped hiding status bar
  • style updates/tweaks
  • Improve TOC animation and hiding
  • Don't cache images, image changes reflected on refresh
  • Extensive javascript feature improvements
  • Marked is now OS X 10.7-only
  • Updated help system and intro screen
  • Friendlier custom processor path field with visual feedback on errors
  • Custom processor field now handles tilde (~) and backslashed spaces
  • Option to scroll to first edit on update
  • Revamped interface, (Note: Source/Preview toggle is now in the title bar)
  • Table of contents is fully keyboard navigable
  • Up/Down/j/k to navigate visible menu items
  • pressing space will focus a type-ahead field with QuickSilver-style matching to filter the list
  • Escape to dismiss/reset the search field
  • Reorganized preferences
  • Set per-document styles using a metadata header "Marked Style:"
  • reference styles by title, full path or CSS filename (valid custom styles work)
  • Scrivener 2.0+ support
  • Drag a Scrivener project (.scriv) to Marked and it will be compiled and previewed
  • When a Scrivener document is in the foreground, Command-E will open it in Scrivener
  • Supports "preserved formatting" and inline footnotes
  • Leanpub and mmd_merge support
  • Syntax for including external files and source code
  • Syntax highlighting/better display for source view
  • Automatic syntax highlighting option for code blocks in preview, multiple styles available
  • If automatic syntax highlighting is enabled, highlight.js will be included in saved HTML
  • Multi-Column style completely rebuilt
  • full keyboard navigation and bookmarking
  • column height adjusts to window height for horizontal-only scrolling
  • last column isn't truncated
  • Mardown reference is a resizable, floating panel
  • More interesting selection highlights in preview. This might not stay.
  • CLI for running Marked from the command line (`mark`, install from the Marked menubar item)
  • Github-style line break mode
  • More verbose link and footnote previews
  • Popover on external links when held momentarily after click
  • Copy URL/Validate link/Open in default browser
  • New style: Amblin
  • New style: Upstanding Citizen
  • Option to disable header ID generation
  • Include file syntax
  • Force page break tag
  • Filename and extension are passed as environment variables to custom scripts, allowing for different processors based on filetype


OS X 10.7 or later


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