Mac DVDRipper Pro 4.0.7 – Copy, backup, and convert your DVDs.

Mac DVDRipper Pro 4.0.7Mac DVD Ripper Pro is a best-in-its-category utility that puts your DVD collection right where you want it: on your Mac.

With its refined digital extraction capabilities, Mac DVD Ripper Pro is the only ripping solution you’ll ever need.

Flawless results

With most DVD Rippers, a lot can go wrong during the ripping process: chapters may be rearranged, and decoding-scheme issues could actually shorten the life of your DVD drive. Using advanced algorithms, Mac DVD Ripper ensures a flawless rip every time.

Safeguard your media

DVD’s are notoriously fragile: They can be easily scratched and broken, costing you money and time. Don’t let life’s little mishaps tamper with your media collection — Mac DVD Ripper Pro lets you enjoy the dependability and security of a digital library.

Battery-friendly efficiency

There’s no way around it: Your optical drive is a burden to your Mac’s battery. By transferring your media to your hard-drive with Mac DVD Ripper Pro, you can increase your battery’s lifespan and boost your Mac’s energy efficiency.

DVD duplication

If digital back-up isn’t your goal, check out Mac DVD Ripper Pro’s disc image mode, which lets you duplicate your DVDs to create handy physical back-up copies.

What’s New

Version 4.0.7:

  • Fixed a rare bug affecting some DVDs in the Rip and Convert mode


Intel, OS X 10.6.8 or later


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