LaunchBar 6.8 – Powerful file/URL/email launcher utility.

LaunchBar 6.8

LaunchBar is an award-winning productivity utility that offers an amazingly intuitive and efficient way to search and access any kind of information stored on your computer or on the Web. It provides instant access to your applications, documents, contacts, and bookmarks, to your music library, to search engines and more, just by entering short abbreviations of the searched item’s name.

You just hit Command-Space to bring LaunchBar’s input window to front, enter an arbitrary abbreviation, and as soon as you start typing LaunchBar displays the best matching choices, ready to be opened immediately.

Start applications, open documents, invoke system services, compose emails, or navigate the Web–LaunchBar will be your essential servant.

What’s New

Version 6.8:

Improved 1Password Integration
  • Thanks to the enhanced 3rd-party integration of 1Password 6.5, we are now able to provide much more comprehensive access to your 1Password items.
  • It’s now possible to access all kinds of items (not only logins but also credit cards, secure notes, etc.) from all vaults.
  • 1Password categories (Logins, Passwords, Secure Notes, Credit Cards, Software Licenses, etc.) are now indexed. You can for example type CC to select 1Password’s "Credit Cards" category. You can then browse that category to get a list of all your credit cards stored in 1Password.
  • Browsing 1Password by selecting the 1Password app and pressing Right Arrow now provides a list of all available 1Password categories.
  • Opening items that don’t perform a login on a website are now showing a window for viewing and editing that item.
  • New "Safari Tabs" action provides access to all tabs that are currently opened in Safari. Allows you to quickly switch to one of those tabs with the keyboard.
  • New "Font Awesome Icons" action. Provides a list of all icons available in Font Awesome. You can sub-search that list for a particular icon by name, then press right arrow to access details of that icon (Icon Identifier, Unicode, HTML snippet for inserting that icon in your web-page, a link to the icon’s Font Awesome web-page). Font Awesome icons can also be used in your custom LaunchBar actions. Just specify the icon’s "Icon Identifier" in Action Editor.
  • New "Wiktionary" and "Wikiquote" actions with live suggestions.
  • New localized "Wikipedia", "Wiktionary" and "Wikiquote" actions to access those wikis in your preferred non-English language version (according to System Preferences > Language & Region > Preferred languages).
  • Existing search templates for Wikipedia and Wiktionary are removed from the configuration. Please use the new actions instead. It may be necessary to re-train your abbreviations for these items.
  • Improved indexing of macOS Sharing Service actions.
  • Updated Sample Actions (they can be downloaded from
Improved Emoji Support
  • Emoji character names are now the same as those in the macOS Character Palette.
  • It’s now possible to search for emoji by alternative names. For example, type SPORT to find the basketball emoji, or type SPOCK to find a greeting gesture from a place where no man has gone before.
  • Links to Emojipedia (accessible via Info Browsing of an emoji that’s selected in LaunchBar) now work more reliably with all kinds of emoji, including skin tone modified versions.
Other Improvements
  • Improved Calendar input allowing to specify alarms at the time of the event. Example: "Call mom @ 3pm !0min" or just "Call mom @ 3pm !0"
  • Browsing the Contacts app now shows the Birthdays category, which provides a chronological list of all upcoming birthdays starting from today.
  • Improved Info Browsing of indexing rules (showing number of indexed items, date of last index update and the item’s indexing rule).
  • Improved Info Browsing of categories to show the number of items in that category.
  • Improved Info Browsing allowing to sub-search the displayed item by their label.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: Browsing into an application to access recent documents or other items related to that app sometimes stopped working.
  • Fixed: Calendar events and reminders were created without time zone information.
  • The Clipboard History now shows the correct number of characters if the copied text contains emoji characters.
  • Fixed: Blinking text cursor disappeared while typing in LaunchBar Calculator or while browsing suggestions during text input.
  • Disabling an indexing rule now frees the memory occupied by items of that rule.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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