kJams 2.0 – Rip, mix and play CD+G karaoke discs.

kJams 2.0kJams can Rip, Mix, Play and Burn CD+G format discs. Create playlists, sort by name, artist, album etc. Import existing MP3+G files, (zipped or not), search your library. Import QuickTime, optionally zipped Audio+G, bin/cue, CAVS (MCG, NCG), MTU (KMA), Acesonic “CDG”, LRC, KTP and UltraStar files , Change the pitch and tempo independently, show the graphics (optionally) full screen and/or (optionally) on a 2nd monitor or TV. Rip using the LAME encoder. Get and submit CD meta-info from freedb. Export CD+G to QuickTime (to iPod & iPhone too!) The Pro version allows individual singers to manage their favorites, history and “tonight” playlists, and manages a “Rotation” smart playlist that interleaves upcoming singers automatically. The Burner lets you burn (optionally pre-pitch-bent) CD+G discs that will play in real Karaoke hardware.


Mac OS X 10.7 or better


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