Keyboard Maestro 7.2 – Hot-key tasking solution.

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is your hot-key solution that allows you to perform a multitude of tasks simply by pressing a keystroke! It also incorporates the wildly popular MacOS Classic utility Program Switcher, which allows you to launch, switch, and quit applications with a simple keystroke.


  • Macro
  • Program and window switcher
  • Clipboard switcher
  • Clipboard history switcher

What’s New

Version 7.2:

  • Added token variable array access like %Variable%Var[5]%
  • Added 'is before' and 'is after' to Clipboard, Text, Script, Environment and Variable conditions.
  • Added 'is before' and 'is after' to Switch case conditions.
  • Added CALCULATE() function which processes token text and then calculates.
  • Added CHARACTERS(), WORDS(), LINES() functions which process token text.
  • Added trigger: and hotkey: search filters.
  • Added name: search filter.
  • Added Evergreen palette theme thanks to @iampariah on the forum.
  • Added Reopen Windows option to Application Switcher.
  • Clipboards display plain text when rich text is blank and plain text is not.
  • Use canonical order of modifiers with Smart Group searching.
  • Allow Private Use Characters (like [APPLE]) in Typed String triggers.
  • Make the All Macros Smart Group immutable.
  • Macros take on the icon of the action if there is a single non-comment icon.
  • Add "Delay" as synonym for Pause/Wait when searching for actions.
  • Better file name for exports of more than one macro.
  • Show calculation in Set Variable to Calculation title.
  • Support text token expansion in Substrings In.
  • Focus on key input field when Type a Keystroke action is added but not when disclosed.
  • Defend against a crash when the system cannot find a running application.
  • Added Write/Append File disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Added Insert/Display Text disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Added Set Clipboard to Text disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Fixed Set Variable to Text disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Fixed code signing issue for macOS sierra.
  • Fix wiki help links for File and Plug In actions.
  • Fix variables with unicode characters in calculations.
  • Fixed an issue with the rotating status icon when the editor was also performing tasks.
  • Avoid filling the log up complaining about missing optional Results field in Plug In Actions.
  • Fixed a display glitch in Plug In Actions.
  • Deleting the first item of the clipboard history did not trigger the Clipboard Changed trigger.
  • Adjust Prompt For User Input action to not set default keys for incorrectly "Cancel Macro" flagged buttons.
  • Fixed a bug in Typed String triggers after a simulated delete and optional non-ASCII character.
  • Use localizedStandardCompare for palette ordering.
  • Added %ExecutingThisMacro%, %ExecutingThisMacroGroup%, %ExecutingThisMacroUUID% tokens.
  • Added %FinderInsertionLocation% token (usually path to front Finder window).
  • Fixed an issue tracking window changes immediately after the app is launched.
  • Fixed Set Action Delay for This Macro to apply to the whole macro, not just the action list.
  • Fixed issue with %TriggerValue% for focused window changes trigger.
  • Fixed Set Macro Enable not causing palettes to adjust.
  • Fixed Press Command, Press Tab, Release Command, Release Tab bug.
  • Fixed line count to include blank lines.
  • Fix spelling of 'focused'.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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