Jump Desktop 8.2.19

Jump Desktop is an extremely simple to use OS X remote desktop application designed to enable its users to safely and securely connect to other computers over their local area network or the internet.

Moreover, the Jump Desktop app is compatible with both VNC and RDP desktop sharing protocols, a fact that makes it a swiss army knife for people that need to access remote machines on a daily basis.

Jump Desktop also automatically encrypts all traffic between the remote and the host computer using SSL/TLS, as well as NLA and SSH tunneling for RDP and VNC, respectively.

Furthermore, because it comes with integration with OS X’s Spotlight, Jump Desktop makes it possible to rapidly and effortlessly find remote desktops and connect to them with a simple mouse click.

Besides having support for the most used desktop sharing protocols, Jump Desktop is also developed using open standards, therefore you always know that you’re data is secure, and the technology behind the app audited and verified not to contain backdoors and other similar bugs.

What’s New

Version 8.2.19:

Dynamic Resolution Matching for Fluid:
This is a powerful productivity feature that will make your remote desktop experience much better: Jump can resize the display on the remote machine to match your local display. This feature makes it much easier to remote control machines which have a larger display than your Mac (or vice versa). Seeing is believing: Tip: To manage your resolution settings: Right-click your connection icon and then click Edit -> Display. You can also change settings live by clicking Remote -> Displays. Dynamic resolution switching is turned off by default for existing connections but turned on for new Fluid connections Known limitations: Jump will do it's best to match your local display however it's limited by the capabilities of the remote machine's graphics adapter
Wake-On-Lan for automatic connections:
  • Jump will now try to wake up the computer if it’s offline before connecting. This only works for machines on the same LAN network at the moment however, we’re going to add support for waking up machines over the internet very soon
This release changes the way Jump Desktop draws the remote screen. On Mojave and later, Jump will use macOS's Metal renderer to draw the remote screen. This results in better visual quality, lower latency, higher performance and better battery life. Pure goodness We've also partially off-loaded Fluid protocol decoding to hardware (Up to 20% better performance)
Other notable changes:
  • Horizontal scrolling support for Fluid and RDP connections
  • Better keyboard compatibility with 3D games and apps
  • We've increased the icon preview size by 25%. Bigger previews for your connections
  • Show the total computer count in the sidebar. The count appears besides the "Computers" row
  • Show unique machine id and OS version in 'About' section of connection (Automatic connections only)
  • Faster reconnect when waking up from sleep
  • Synchronize connection names even after the initial discovery of the computer: You can now change your computer’s name in ‘Jump Desktop Connect’ on the remote computer and it will synchronize the change on all clients. In earlier versions of Jump, name changes for automatic connections were not synchronized after initial discovery
  • Jump shows a warning/confirmation prompt before connecting if two machines have the same name
  • RD Gateway settings are not persisted when importing RDP files
  • Improve performance when adding/removing 100s of computers
  • Tons of stability fixes


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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